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10 Best Way to Give a Cat a Bath


Best Way to Give a Cat a Bath – If you’ve ever tried to bathe a cat, it sure has scarred war for a few days. You will kick, scratch, meow and even howl if you put it underwater. But despite popular belief, cats don’t hate water. Their distant relatives, especially those who live in the hot jungles, love to swim (think of a tiger).

Best Way to Give a Cat a Bath

The version that domestic cats have to water is guilt, well… wow! They like to shove their paw into the water bowl, and many are fascinated by the dripping faucet or the rain in the window. Some cats, including, like Turkish Van, love to swim! What they don’t like, in any aspect of life, is to be forced to do something. And when we put their hairs properly licked and tidy, with their scent and identity, under the shower… they obviously get angry.


And the first step in taking a bath in your cat and surviving is to understand that. The second is to understand that he doesn’t need a bath. No. Not once in a while. Not once a month. You don’t have to! He knows how to keep it clean, he’s got a fascinating language that’s right for it. But… he can stick himself in dirty places, dig his vases or be a hairy one that you just rescued from the street. In these emergency situations, and only in them. The stress of the bath may be necessary. So to help you in the endeavor, follow some tips:

  1. Dry bath. This must be your first choice. Most cats don’t even realize they’re taking A bath. Buy a specific product for cats, because it will inevitably lick itself and will ingest the product. moistened handkerchiefs are more practical, but there are also sprays that you pass and spread with a towel. Try to make the whole thing look like a cuddle and massage session and brush well the cat hairs, before and after the application.
  2. Cut his nails. Preferably, the day before, since the fingernail clipping is also stressful. If the bath is an emergency, you better wear rubber gloves to protect yourself instead of stressing the cat.
  3. Brush first. Do not let to brush in the water because it will only make the bath take longer. Brush his hairs well, in the opposite direction to grow. If he doesn’t like it, brush, loosen him and wait for him to calm down before he starts the bath. The key here is not to accumulate stress.
  4. Don’t make him nervous. Prepare everything you’ll need before the cat realizes it’s going to take a bath, you can play with it for a little while, give a cuddle and help you relax before you put it in the box. If he realizes he’s got a bath coming in, he’s going to be more anxious and stressed.
  5. Keep your quiet. If you’re apprehensive, the cat will know, and you’re going to get apprehensive too. Relax, take a deep breath, tickle his chin, pretend it’s all a joke.
  6. Start slow. Don’t put the cat in the water in no time. Use a shower head or a cup to wet it, always with lukewarm water. Start with Scrooge and go up, the head is the last part (beware of ears and mouth, if possible, don’t wet the head, use only a damp doil).
  7. Use Cat Shampoo. He’s going to get a shampoo and he’ll lick it and swallow it. Dog products or for people can cause allergic reactions or even be toxic (dog flea shampoo then… never!). Rinse the best you can.
  8. Dry well. Even if he’s nervous, wrap him in a soft towel and rub his hair. Brush it once again and, if possible, attract it to a place with the sunshine (unless it is white!). He’s going to sit down and lick himself for a long time, let him. He’s fixing the mess you made on his hair and trying to put his own scent back.
  9. Dryer? If your cat has too long hair, it might be necessary to use a hairdryer to avoid us. Use the lowest temperature, the lowest speed and far away from the skin. Ask someone to connect the dryer on the other side of the room to see how it responds to the noise, and only then take it closer. Start with the air well from afar, and never straight to the face, and zoom in slowly. If none of this works and he’s terrified, don’t insist. Dry him with the towel and brush his hair thoroughly. Let it dry a little in the sun and brush again. And once again when it’s completely dry.
  10. Don’t apologize for time! Ask him later. It is a great temptation to give snacks and ches during and shortly after the bath, but, besides the fact that it will not eat, doing so you reinforce the wrong behavior. Wait a minute, more than half an hour at the minimum, before I give you an apology. After all, he deserves it!