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10 Common Odors in Homes that Cats Hate


Because of the smell, some smells that are normal for humans are very bad for cats
We know that animals have senses much more accurate than ours. Dogs, for example, listen better and smell more strongly than humans. Cats, on the other hand, smell fourteen times stronger. Compared to them, our five senses are extremely weak.

Common Odors in Homes that Cats Hate

The smell of the felines has, on the muzzle, a mucosa that smells of nerves, formed by 67 million cells. To get an idea, humans have only 5 million of these same cells. Puppies already have 200 million. That’s why cats can easily identify odors, meaning that their smell is extremely accurate.

Because of the correct sense, not all the smells are well accepted by the pussies, and some neither imagined. It may seem strange, for example, that the banana odor is bad for the animal, but remember that they are different from us in that regard.

There are typical odors that most felines hate, but it is not the way to go. Certain smells may displease one another. However, we separate some common items and present in the houses, which the vast majority have repulsed. See what they are and, if possible, keep away from your partner.


Dirty Sandbox

Getting into a dirty, stinky bathroom is bad for anyone, so imagine for cats that you have a much better sense of smell. When they smell a sandbox in poor condition they will not want to come close. Consequently, they will place their needs in another location, such as a carpet or plant pot. Better clear the box and avoid that, right?


Spoiled fish

Felines, like humans, hate the stench of rotten or rotten fish. The recommendation is never to offer this food damage, as it does not withstand the odor and will certainly become sick or be suffering from intoxication. In other conditions, fish is always welcome to the diet of pussies.


Citrus odors

If you want to keep your kitten away from something such as certain garden plants or kitchen foods, rub the peel or citrus oils. They do not like the smell of lemon, orange, limes, among others. Pussies also do not appreciate the taste very much, so it is very likely that they will not even approach areas of the house where there are many of these elements.



Pine is not among the smells most hated by cats, as it does not bother so much your sense of smell. However, the intensity of this odor cannot be abused. Avoid buying sands made of this material, as it can annoy the pussy to the point of hating and rejecting the box. It is better to choose those neutral, unscented, so as not to provoke the animal’s disapproval.




Notice that your pussy never approaches spicy or over-spiced foods. This is because your sense of smell is toxic. So keep pepper, mustard and curry out of reach.



Even though the banana is healthy, rich in potassium and very nutritious, its scent does not please cats so much. If you want to keep it away from someplace in the house, such as the sofa and beds, wipe the banana peel so that its odor is released and impregnate the item. The pet will not approach so early in the day.


Certain plants

Thyme, lemon, lavender, and geranium are some of the plants that pussies pass away. If your friend loves to destroy the garden and make the biggest mess on earth, one tip is to plant a pair of those hated plants. It is no guarantee that he will be far from the yard, but the intensity of the chaos is likely to diminish.

There are also those herbs that are considered to be toxic to cats. In that case, it is best to avoid planting them in the garden – though many cats are already far away instinctively. A typical example is a eucalyptus since its essential oils can be harmful and the pussy knows this. That is, it hardly touches the grass. Consult the veterinarian for other prohibited plants.


Cleaning and personal care products

Cleaning products keep cats away because of the intense and chemical odor. Pay attention to what items you are buying at the supermarket, both to clean the house and the utensils of the animal. Opt for those with mild or neutral scent.

The toiletries also not as nice as it is for us. Special attention to the items you use on the cat, such as shampoo or perfumes. Those with very intense odor can make you stressed and irritated.



Coffee cannot be classified as a bad-smelling item, however, it releases a very strong aroma into the cat’s nostrils. For this reason, it is a great item to use as a repellent, as well as citrus fruits and bananas. Scrub a little of the beans in place that wants to keep your friend away.


Other cats

Of all the odors hated by cats, this is the most peculiar and interesting. Since they have a very sensitive nose, they are extremely uncomfortable with the “scent” of a new feline, to the point of putting their hairs on their feet. These animals are very territorial, so the repulsion by a stranger. On the other hand, this does not happen with friendly pussies or that there is already a regular dynamic.