How to Attract a Cat Runner Back Home

How to Attract a Cat Runner Back Home 1
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How to Attract a Cat Runner Back Home – If your cat has run away from home, it can be difficult to get him back. Cats are curious animals that like to hunt and chase their prey. The cat’s instinct will come out when it comes out the door and it will flee even faster if you try to catch it. So there are some tactics that can be applied to try and attract the cat back.

How to Attract a Cat Runner Back Home


How to Attract a Cat Runner Back Home

  1. Shake a box of rations or cat snacks, making noise so the cat can hear. From a high point, pour a little ration into a pot of ceramic or metal to produce an echo. The cat’s ears are on top of the head and can hear noises between 45 and 64 Hz. If your cat is familiar with the noise of the food in the pot, it will quickly return to be fed.
  2. Open a can of wet ration or tuna and place it on the house door. A cat has around 100 million olfactory cells in its nose, having the ability to feel the aromas easily. The attraction for food will bring you back. Keep an eye on the food you put in so you can close the door as soon as the cat comes in.
  3. Tie a long cord to a ball or toy. Put the toy on the outside of the door so your pet can see it. Slowly, pull the toy back to the inside. Cats love to hunt and play and will soon chase the object. Continue until your cat comes in while chasing the toy. He may also feel attracted to food and enter the house.
  4. Put a trap with some wet food inside it. If you can not get the cat in, this may be your last alternative. The trap should be safe so the animal does not get injured in the process. Check the trap frequently. Be careful because other animals may end up in the trap.


Tips & Warnings

  • Try to use toys with catnip, the cat’s herb.
  • Do not chase or surprise the cat as this will scare you even more.

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