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How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth


How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth – Want to learn how to brush a cat’s teeth? It is important to know that these cats also need a cleaning of their teeth because, like us, this part of the body is the one that gets dirty more easily due to the ingestion of food. Also, do not forget that cats lick themselves constantly to cleanse their body and so in the mouth, they can accumulate bacteria that can endanger their health causing conditions like gingivitis, an excess of tartar, inflammation gums, etc.

How to Brush a Cat's Teeth


Steps to brush a cat’s teeth

First of all, you should know that there are many ways to clean the teeth of a cat, and one of them is to use a special toothbrush for these animals that will help eliminate any dirt that is accumulated in the area of the teeth. You can brush a cat’s teeth 2 or 3 times a week as long as you use a special brush for it, as your gums need special care.

In addition, you have to take into account that you should not also use a human toothpaste because to brush a cat’s teeth it is important to buy a specific toothpaste for cats. Usually, these hygienic products are aerosols, so it is important to be careful when using them because cats are easily frightened by the noise. You should avoid using mainly the kinds of toothpaste that we use because they can be toxic to the cats.

So, to brush your cat’s teeth, you just have to apply the toothpaste on the brush to clean your cat’s teeth. This can be a tricky task because, as you know, cats are very nervous animals that can be very restless when we try to clean them. For this reason, it is best to hold the cat’s body, open its mouth slightly and proceed to brush quickly and consistently. The animal will want to escape quickly from its arms, so the faster it is, the better.


Liquid antiseptics

If your cat does not let you get close to your teeth with the brush, you can look for another option that is also very hygienic with which it will improve the oral health of the animal. It is a liquid antiseptic that will help you eliminate the bacteria accumulated in the teeth.

If you choose this option, control the dosage very well, because in excess this product can be toxic to the animal. To use this antiseptic it will be sufficient to soak a gauze with this product and gently rub the cat’s teeth. Easy, fast and effective.



Special food to take care of cat’s mouth

But not all cats allow you to brush your teeth. As we mentioned, there are some animals that can become very nervous in this situation and prevent that the cleaning can be carried out easily and successfully. For this reason, if you can not clean your teeth well to your friend, you can take care of your oral health by opting for a diet full of foods that can clean the area and release it from bacteria.

In fact, there are some foods that can be beneficial to eliminate the excess of tartar that accumulates in the teeth and, among all of them, in this article we highlight the following:


Ration balls

The ration is a type of food essential for your cat, not only because it is rich in carbohydrates, but also because it allows you to clean up food scraps that may have been clinging to the enamel. Keep in mind that damp cans are easy to hold on to the tooth and with the ration can chew with your teeth and create a friction movement that will eliminate any remaining dirt.

Among all the type of ration that there is the sale, you will find one that is specific to take care of the teeth and to clean the tartar. They often have oral care packaging, but if you have questions about this, it is best to always consult your veterinarian to tell you the best ration for your cat.



Another option is to include in your diet a series of products specially made to improve the oral hygiene of the animal. Most of them are treats that are made with foods that are very pleasing to cats but additionally include cleaning components that will eliminate dirt and create a protective barrier to prevent bacteria from penetrating inside.


The problem of tartar in cats

The reason why it is important to brush the teeth of a cat is that this part of the body usually accumulates dirt that, in the long run, ends up becoming tartar. As with us, cats can also suffer from tartar, a condition that changes the natural color of their teeth but also causes bad breath and can lead to other related conditions, such as gingivitis.
It is for this reason that the experts recommend taking care of the teeth of the cats, to eliminate thus any rest of dirt that can end up accumulated in the mouth and cause some illness uncomfortable for our friend.
In this other article, we tell you how to treat feline gingivitis in case your cat goes through this uncomfortable condition.