Can Cats Eat Yogurt, Does Yogurt do well for Pets?

Can Cats Eat Yogurt

Can Cats Eat Yogurt – Who has never ceded to the dog’s appeals or the cat who begs insistently and with the face of starving? The yogurt you divide with your pet can both do well to him as to harm it. Giving natural yogurt to dogs and pet cats can be an alternative to those who have diarrhea problems or need to replenish the intestinal flora. However, it takes attention – yogurt should only be administered when probiotic specifically made for animals do not take effect. Probiotic is a restock of living organisms that rebalance the intestinal flora.

Can Cats Eat Yogurt


The veterinary physician Andrea Kamap explains that dogs and cats may need to replenish the intestinal flora for several reasons – diarrhea even due to other diseases requiring the animal to take antibiotics. “Yogurt is a valid option for bugs that cannot take probiotics for intolerance or allergy to any of the components,” he explains. According to it, there are alternatives beyond traditional medication for pets, such as probiotics in chopsticks or bones to chew.

It is also necessary to take into account the question of lactose intolerance at the time of giving yogurt to dogs and cats – many of them have difficulty digesting the substance and, as the yogurt is derived from milk, it can make the effect contrary to expected. “If it is necessary, the yogurt administered to animals must be as natural as possible and the most free of fats”, explains Leonardo Napoli, veterinary surgeon and chairman of the Committee on Zoonoses and Animal welfare of the Regional Veterinary Medicine Council of Paraná.
Since there are no scientific studies that justify the medicinal benefits of yoghurt in dogs and cats, it is not possible to determine appropriate quantities for each race or size. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian before the admission of yoghurts or probiotics.

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