Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together

Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together?


Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together? – they don’t sound like they might make the maximum ideal pairing, but raising and preserving these two animals together can make for a harmonious family.

Whilst a rabbit won’t lay eggs, and chickens, in reality, don’t have long floppy ears, they do proportion some similarities which can make retaining them collectively as a laugh and cute because it sounds.

Of route, there is a few work that is going into growing this living arrangement- it’s no longer quite as clean as placing Billy the Bunny in with Henny Penny and her flock and letting them live thankfully ever after! So under we have prepared some hints and hints for housing your flock and fuzzy butt together, and what you can do to keep everybody happy and healthful underneath the same roof!

Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together
Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together

1. Introduce them slowly

You couldn’t expect these animals to be chummy immediately- just like whilst introducing one-of-a-kind pets to each other, it will make an effort earlier than they get used to each different. If feasible, it is quality to introduce them even as they’re nonetheless younger so they’re raised together, but they could still live collectively so long as the bunny isn’t a baby going into a flock of fully grown chickens- this is sure to spell catastrophe! Due to the fact chickens aren’t precisely fond of rapid shifting animals, they may initially try and percent the rabbit, but this doesn’t harm the rabbit, and they may quickly learn how to tolerate its actions. To begin with, preserve the rabbit in a sectioned off area inside the run at the same time as the chickens forage about, and vice versa- this may allow them to turn out to be acquainted with each other.

2. Make sure there’s sufficient room

It is important that there may be masses of room for each the rabbits and chickens to wander, flap, bound and flop about without entering into each others’ way. If it’s far too cramped, it’s going to motive them to emerge as confused- main to furthered fitness illnesses, or warfare between the 2.

3. Give each their personal separate safe space

Each chicken and rabbits are quite susceptible creatures, in order that they cherish having their personal little safe and personal area to retreat to. While it’s fantastic for the 2 to share a run region, it’s far great in the event that they have their own separate hutch vicinity wherein they could consume, sleep, and get a while out from one another have to they want it.


4. Keep their residing vicinity clean

Rabbits are notoriously easy animals, in an effort to hold them happy with their residing arrangement, take a bit extra time to hold it spick and span– a bit greater than you would for just chickens. Muck out the run, smooth up droppings, and refresh and smooth their dozing place frequently and you are certain to have some thrilled bunnies and chickens for your fingers!

5. Neuter your rabbit

It’s well known that rabbits like to get down to enterprise- if you recognize what we mean! Male rabbits have a tendency to ‘mount’ maximum matters in sight in the event that they aren’t neutered, and this consists of your harmless chickens! So that you could help hold each your rabbits and chickens dignity, it’s far excellent to get little peter rabbit neutered.

6. In the event that they aren’t satisfied- don’t force it

If after some time your beloved pets nevertheless aren’t getting along- this could be made obvious by using hens pecking the bunny, or if both puppies are visibly stressed or performing aggressively toward one another, it may be first-rate to domestic them one at a time. Like with a friendship, not anything has to be pressured, and it will likely be great ultimately to preserve each animal happy and healthy!

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