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Cat Litter: How Often and How to Clean?


Cats are extremely clean animals and the correct cleaning of the litter box is very important for their quality of life.
One of the issues that most doubt the owners of first-time pussies is the litter box for cats. How many to have at home? Which sand to use? And the main: how many times and how to clean the box? This is very important care since cats are extremely clean animals and do not do the necks if the sand is with lots of waste.

Clean Cat Litter

Knowing this, the Pet Channel has separated some tips on how often and how clean the cat litter is. Check out.


How often do I clean the litter box?

The perception of dirt in the litter box can vary from cat to cat, some are more sensitive, others more tolerant. The important thing is to know the pussy and to adjust the cleaning frequency of the receiver with the need of it.

The most common is that the superficial cleaning of the box, the one that only removes with the shovel the feces and the clods of sand formed by the necessities, is done twice a day. The practice is very important because if it is not done, it will end up preventing the pet from urinating or defecating on the spot because it does not feel comfortable with the dirt.


Due to this characteristic of cats, it is indicated that there is always a box of sand in the house more than the number of pussies. So if you have a cat, leave two boxes available in different locations. If you have two pussies, leave three. If you have three, leave four. And so on. 

The complete cleaning of the box, the one that changes the sand and washes the container, should be done at least once a week. The renewal of the container should happen with some frequency as well.


Tips for cleaning the litter box for cats

There are two types of sandbox cleaning, daily (shallow) and weekly (full). For both always wear masks and gloves for protection. 

  • Daily cleaning: Using a specific shovel for the cat’s litter box (object is stuck so as not to get sand together), remove the feces and the clumps of sand formed by the urine – in case the type of sand you use forms lumps. Complete the amount of sand required. Ready! Cleaning is done.  
  • Weekly cleaning: Place trash near the canister and throw all the sand off, being careful not to fall on the floor. Wash the box with warm water and neutral detergent – do not use any product with a very strong smell, this may displease the pussy. Rinse and dry thoroughly. In the bottom of the box place a small layer of bicarbonate of sodium, this will help absorb the strong odor of urine more efficiently. Then fill the space with the new sand. Okay, your pussy can already use the litter bin!