Check Out Tips and Learn How to Make a Cat Scratcher at Home

Check Out Tips and Learn How to Make a Cat Scratcher at Home 1
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This object is very important for the development and health of the pussy, regulating the size of the nails and reducing the stress
When we adopt a kitten, we have to think of many things: food, sandbox, toys, and scratches. One of the biggest concerns of those who think about having a feline friend is the destruction of the furniture since the pussies are famous for sharpening their nails on certain types of surfaces. That’s why cat scratchers are so important.

Because they are expensive items, the scratchers are often left out when it comes to shopping for the animal. And that’s where things get ugly: the pussy will look for something to scratch when she wants to sharpen her nails or de-stress, and she will find the couches and curtains in the house ready for action. To prevent this from happening, check out a few ways to build a cat scratcher that you can do at home.


Cat scratcher made of PVC rope and barrel

How to Make a Cat Scratcher at Home


  • 1 PVC pipe 30cm to 40cm in height and 8 to 10 cm in diameter;
  • 1 Square wooden board 20×20 cm;
  • Sisal rope of 6.5 meters;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Drilling machine.

How to make:

Start by gluing the sisal rope with hot glue on the base of the PVC pipe, horizontally, rolling all the way to the other end. Then, position the already wrapped barrel in the center of the wooden plate, and use the drill diagonally so that the screw secures the barrel base to the wooden plate. If you want, you can put some cat grass on the rope part so the pussy is interested in the new toy.


Cat scratcher made of cardboard

How to Make a Cat Scratcher at Home 1


  • Cardboard boards;
  • Scissors;
  • Hot glue;
  • Wood base (optional).

How to make:

Cut out several strips of cardboard of the same thickness. Wrap them in a snail, and when a strip is finished, stick another one with hot glue, and continue rolling until the “snail” is in a size that the cat can stay on top. With each layer, glue with hot glue to prevent the strips from leaving the place. If you prefer, stick the snail on the wooden board with the same glue to give more support. Put the cat’s grass to catch the pussy’s attention.

With these two types of homemade cat scratchers, your kitten will be more relaxed and will not resort to your beloved furniture to sharpen the claws. If you do not have time to build one of these and want a faster and cheaper alternative than a conventional scratching, opt for a mat (mat) of sisal, and spread a little grass cat on top.

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