Do Cats Change the Color of Their Eyes?

Do Cats Change the Color of Their Eyes? 1
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Generally yes; Cats change the color of their eyes. Cats are born with their eyes closed and do not open them until after a few days, at least 10-15. Most likely, the first shade you see, when the kitten finally separates his eyelids, is not the final one.

Do Cats Change the Color of Their Eyes?
Do Cats Change the Color of Their Eyes?

Except for exceptions, the color of the eyes of cats at birth tends to blue but that does not mean that your cat will have blue eyes forever. Genetics determines the color of the eyes and you can only be certain of the color of those of your cat when three or four months have passed since birth. Indeed: cats can change color as they grow. Keep in mind that it is in those first days after his arrival in the world when the eyes of the cat finish developing. The color change is always progressive (otherwise go to the veterinarian).

You can take more than one surprise. The Siamese cats tend to keep the blue tone of his eyes, that they are born with, but there are countless possible combinations. If your cat is white, it may even end up having disparate eyes, that is, one of each color.

The feline look, always enigmatic and captivating, does not depend on the hue of the eyes at birth. His keen sense of sight is in the anatomical characteristics of his vision organs. When he opens his eyes, the cat looks blurry and as he is able to focus and reach that “lynx look,” the color of his eyes changes until he is completely and forever defined.

If your cat was born with blue eyes, you will have to wait a few weeks to be able to give an exact description of your pet because the first impression, in most cases, is not the final one.

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