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10 Actions that will make the Dog Happier


Going beyond daily care is a way of telling your puppy how important it is, as well as improving coexistence.
On certain days we wake up with the following question to the head, “What did I do to deserve my dog?”, We may never receive the answer to this question, but one thing is certain: it is up to us tutors to thank them – all the love they bring to our daily lives. How do we do it? Leaving our dog happy.

They deserve the best and most of all our attention and care. In order for you to reflect all your puppy’s love and make it a happier yet more accomplished dog, we have made a list of actions that will help you in demonstrating all your love to the four-legged friend.


Be kind to the one you love

Do not take an aggressive stance with your dog, he loves you and expects this same love. To educate and to be firm is one thing, to beat, to force, to frighten and to threaten are acts that generate fear, apprehension and distrust. We do not want a relationship built on that, right?

Build a bond of fellowship and friendship
Nothing will make your puppy happier than being invited to go out with you. Take it to your daily routine, make your life not just domestic. He will get used to it and soon behave very well outside the house. You can be sure that the love and admiration between you will be even greater.


Press play!

dog happy

Did you know that puppies can love good music? Mpb, bossa nova and even classical music – when in ambient sound – can make you feel calmer and more cheerful.


Advise your dog

Hugging a puppy is such an incentive! Not only for the well being of the dog itself, but also for a good relationship and coexistence between you. Invest this time and even money, if possible, in a dressage since a little boy.


Do not avoid the vet

Unfortunately, our best friends do not speak and even if they do not show any signs that something is not going well, it is our duty to take it whenever possible to a trusted veterinarian. They may not even like it, but your health will love it.



Try to understand dog language

Understand the signs your dog gives you. He will speak through temperature, tail, eyes, muzzle, and body. You need to first know your routine and have the sensitivity to notice when he is trying to communicate.



Talking will make you feel important and loved. He will see that he is dedicating that moment of the day solely and exclusively to him, as well as contributing to the feeling that he is part of his life. No matter if you seem crazy, talk to your puppy gently, always speaking his name and saying how much he loves his company!


Agenda – more than useful – of phones

In addition to essential numbers such as reliable veterinarians, pet shops and hospitals 24 hours, taxi and the like, the list can still count on information on allergies and restrictions of the dog. In a moment of panic, or of your absence, keeping this trick can help – and even save – your best friend.


Wander, wander, wander

The thing that a dog loves the most in the world is to walk around and that we know well, right? Just talk about leaving home that they are already mega excited. Strolling, besides fortifying the relationship between dog and guardian, causes the puppy to expend energy and become even calmer and cheerful.


Give a little biscuit once in a while

Of course, this item could not miss! Who does not love a treat? They love it, even more so if the treatment is called “snacks”.

Retribute all the love your little dog gives you, a happy dog is undoubtedly a doubly happy guardian.