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Dogs that Look like Bears


There are dog breeds that look like real stuffed animals as children and we just want to hug them. Meet several breeds of puppies that look like cubs!

Sometimes we find animals that we could not define perfectly given their rare physical characteristics. Well, this time we want to focus on some of these, especially dogs that look like bears.


Dogs that look like bears

Although there are some who, although adults, show these characteristics, most of them only look like bears when they are puppies, but they are adorable and that is why we want to show them to you.

Chow Chow puppy

You could say that this breed even when it grows is like a bear. This is one of the most special and peculiar dogs that we can find and without a doubt; Although they are beautiful as adults, they look like small bears that make you want to punch them.

Newfoundland puppy

It is not that the color black is what makes a puppy more like a bear, but the truth is that it helps. The Newfoundland puppy could very well be mistaken for a bear cub because of its color, its long hair and the shape of its face and body. Beautiful!

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The mix of German Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi

This puppy went viral throughout the world because, given the mixture that its genes have of three breeds, investigations were carried out to raise more specimens and even call it a breed. Although this is something that is still going on, we cannot wait any longer for it to be true because the truth is that it seems precious to us, isn’t it?


Many videos and photos of brown poodle puppies circulate on social networks that if we put them next to a teddy bear, we could not clearly see the difference. They are tender, their hair is similar and their completely black eyes seem to have been superimposed, as in the case of a stuffed animal.


When they are big, well, rather older, they tend to look like a little fox. However, regardless of the color, they have when they are puppies, whether it is white or brown, they look like little bears that need our care and protection.



Another beautiful puppy that if it didn’t move, we wouldn’t know if it’s a teddy bear or a dog. His curly sand-colored hair along with his perfect round black eyes as if they were a toy, his rounded face and pointed ears, will make us believe that we have a bear cub.


There is no other animal in the world that looks more like a polar bear than a Samoyed cub. Depending on the specimen, this resemblance is likely to last over time. Be that as it may, the Samoyed is a unique animal of its kind and very beautiful, without any doubt!

Tibetan Mastiff

We do not know how many bears live in Tibet, but we are sure that this puppy looks a lot like them. You have to look twice to see if it is a bear or a dog because, in addition, its colors are also very similar to those of the wild animal.

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Caucasian shepherd

He is one of the largest puppies that exist and his face and body seem nothing to do with a dog, but with a bear. There are those who dare to affirm even that it has features on its face like those of a lionWithout a doubt, when we see it for the first time, we will not know whether to go to caress it or run away, because it is impressive.

Keeshond and American Eskimo crossing

We do not know what the owners of this dog were looking for or if their appearance was only the result of chance, but without a doubt, their resemblance to a bear is really impressive. Why are you dying of love and having one at home? We also!

Akita puppy

As with the Pomeranian, although when the Akitas grow up they look more like a wolf than a dog, when they are puppies it has an incredible resemblance to a bear. 

What do you think of this tour to meet such special animals? There is no doubt that nature never ceases to amaze us.