Food Additives for Cats to Eliminate Odor Feces

Food Additives for Cats to Eliminate Odor Feces


Since cats use litter boxes to go to the bathroom instead of going outside, like dogs, or down the toilets, like humans, their waste can be very smelly, especially in small spaces. The litter you use, how often you change it, and what you feed your cat can all contribute to the smell in the litter box.

Food Additives for Cats to Eliminate Odor Feces
Food Additives for Cats to Eliminate Odor Feces

The smell of cat or, rather, cat feces and urine is really unpleasant. So, in addition to regularly cleaning the litter box that cats use as a toilet, there are a few tricks that reduce these smells.

Although it seems obvious, cleaning the sand and the container that contains it is essential. But did you know that there are foods that reduce the odor of cat feces? Yes, and we will bring more information here in the text.

Food Additives for Cats to Eliminate Odor Feces


Dry food, while easier to use, increases the number of carbohydrates cats eat and decreases the water content in their feces, resulting in bad odors. It can also cause several health problems for cats, such as diabetes and bladder stones. An easy way to make dry food easier on your cat is by adding hot water to their food before serving it, allowing it to sit for a minute so the food softens and makes a sauce. This makes the food easy to digest for the cat and adds much-needed moisture to its diet.


Cats’ digestive systems are just as sensitive as those of humans, and often eating the wrong food, being in stressful situations, or chewing something they shouldn’t create upset stomachs for them, and a bad litter box smell for you. FortiFlora, a Purina product, is an odorless supplement that can be sprinkled over cat food to add probiotics to their diet. Probiotics represent the “good” bacteria that help regulate the digestive system. Adding probiotics to your cat’s diet promotes a healthy digestive system, resulting in fewer accidents and a pleasant-smelling litter box.

Food additives

Another trick is to put an additive in your cat’s water to help control the production of ammonia, which causes odor. Terra Balance G-Whiz for cats is one such product. It does not affect the taste of food or water, but a few drops in your cat’s water can help control urine and stool odor. An 8 oz bottle typically lasts about a month and costs about $10, as of 2010. The additive is vet-approved and will not harm your cat, but it should be used in addition to changes in your cat’s diet. cat to improve your cat’s odor.


Why is your cat eliminating inappropriately?

The polite term for cats urinating or defecating outside the litter box is “inappropriate disposal”. If your cat is urinating where it should not, you should get to the bottom of it, no pun intended.

Are you cleaning the toilet regularly? Cats hate dirty litter boxes. If you have multiple cats, do you have the right kitten to litter box ratio?

Ideally, prepare a litter box for each cat. If this is not possible, provide at least one litter box for every two cats.

If your cat used to use the litter box regularly but is now having accidents indoors, find out if anything has changed. Is there a new person or pet at home? Have you changed the litter box or changed the type of bedding used?

Older cats may have arthritis or other issues that do not allow them to be comfortable with certain types of litter boxes.