How to Get Rid of Statics in Cat Hairs

How to Get Rid of Statics in Cat Hairs 1
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How to Get Rid of Statics in Cat Hairs – Static is common and occurs when an electrical charge builds up in an insulative body, such as an animal or a person. During drier months and in more arid climates, static builds up in cat fur that rubs on blankets, cushions, carpets, and other household items. Signs of static in a cat’s hair include an electric shock when the animal touches a person or other animal, and the hair goes in all directions, not sitting with a simple affection or a brush.

How to Get Rid of Statics in Cat Hairs


How to Get Rid of Statics in Cat Hairs

  1. Put a vaporizer or humidifier in your cat’s favorite space. In comparison to humidifiers, vaporizers deposit more moisture. Choose one based on air humidity.
  2. Use the anti-static spray on your pet’s hair. Apply gently without wetting your cat. This product can be purchased at pet shops or through the internet.
  3. Using a moisturizing shampoo, bathe your pet. Some cats do not allow their owner to wash them, but the kittens are more complacent, as are cats that regularly bathe since they are young. The moisturizing shampoo will prevent the hairs from drying out. Wash your pet only at the beginning of the dry period, as excess bathing will dry your skin and further the hairs. Opt for the warm water, since the very high temperature will dry the hair and could hurt the animal.
  4. For cats that do not bathe, use a solution that contains conditioner to leave in the hair after application. Mix water and the product, using more water than the cream. The ratio will depend on the type of conditioner. So try different amounts. Start with a proportion of 10 parts of water to a conditioner. If it does not work very well, slightly increase the amount of cream. Use a spray bottle to spray the solution into the cat’s fur. Apply in the hair, without saturating it and then rub.
  5. Use specific cat wig wipes to moisten and clean them while temporarily removing the static. The wipes work as a palliative because they do not contain moisturizers or anti-static ingredients. Hydration immediately reduces this condition. Lightly rubbing the hair with a cloth moistened with water will also allow the hair to settle, without static shocks.
  6. Feed your animal with moist food, providing extra hydration. Moist food helps in moisturizing your cat’s skin by adding natural oils that help combat static electricity.


Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use clothing-specific anti-static sprays. Chemistry can be dangerous to your animal if you take the product.

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