How Long Does a Turtle Live?

How Long Does a Turtle Live

The most humorous ones can say that the turtles live long because they are so slow that they take to get to the end of life. After all, as the popular saying goes, “slow it’s going away.” However, the lifetime of a Quelônio-group that brings together reptiles popularly known as is that tortoises, turtles, and tortoises-depends on some factors.

According to Clovis Bujes, coordinator of the Project Chelonia-RS, of the zoology Department of the Institute of Biosciences of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), “The lifetime of a Quelônio is very controversial.” And it will depend on the species and the environment where it occurs. ”
The Galapagos turtles (Geochelone nigra spp.), endemic to the Galapagos archipelago, located about a thousand kilometers from the coast of Ecuador, are the species of turtle that presents larger dimensions, reaching more than 1.8 meters long and weighing about 200 kilos. One of these reptiles, named Harriet, lived approximately 170 years, dying in 2006.


But longevity is not the privilege of turtles. According to Professor Clovis Bujes, “There are records of is that tortoises centenary and the Brazilian tortoises can reach, on average, at 40 years.”