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How Many Teeth does an Adult Dog Have?


How Many Teeth does an Adult Dog Have – An adult human has 32 teeth, but is this the number you will find if you decide to count your dog’s teeth? No. Effectively the number of teeth will vary depending on the age.

How Many Teeth does an Adult Dog Have


Curiously, dogs also have deciduous dentition, that is, milk teeth. The milk teeth appear around the first month of age when the animals are prepared to make the transition from milk to other foods. This dentition is, however, completely replaced until the seventh month. Until then the little ones have 28 teeth, and the dental formula is given by:

2x (3/3 Incisors 1/1 Canines 3/3 Pre molars) = 28 teeth.


The adult dog will present 42 teeth because unlike the small dogs will have an extra premolar tooth (in each arch) and 2 molars in the upper arch and three in the lower. The formula is given by:

2x (3/3 Incisors 1/1 Canines 4/4 Pre molars 2/3 Molars) = 42 teeth.

The incisors appear at 4 weeks and the canines at week 5, but the normal is to be formed by the sixth week when there is an eruption of the premolars. In adults, the permanent dentition appears with the incisors at around 3-5 months, followed by the canines and premolars at the fourth month (going to the sixth or fifth month) and finally the premolars that appear in the fifth month (can go up to seventh). Simply put, we have:

Milk teeth Definitive Teeth
Incisive  4-6 week 3-5 months
Canine  5-6 week 4-6 months
Premolar 6 weeks 4-5 months
Molar 5-7 months