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How to Clean Dog Ear and Avoid Complications?


Taking care of a pet’s hygiene is essential so that it always lives strong and healthy. Some parts of the body are very delicate and need some special care, one of them, the dog ear, should be cleaned very often to avoid any complications in this region.

One of the most common diseases in the puppies’ ear system is otitis, which usually occurs due to the infestation of fungi, bacteria and excess wax; and it also happens more often in long-eared, drooping bugs.

How to Clean Dog Ear and Avoid Complications?

How to Clean Dog Ear and Avoid Complications?

Keeping our little friends’ ears always clean is one of the fundamental steps to avoid this. However, because it is considered a sensitive region, many people are afraid or do not know how this task should be performed correctly. So we will explain how the process should be done, without causing any problems to your pet, of course.


How to Clean Dog-Ear?

Many find that the best way to clean dog ears is with tweezers and cotton buds. However, this practice can end up hurting your little friend. That’s because his ear canal is shaped like an L and with that kind of instrument you can touch something that hurts him, or it makes him feel unpleasant.

In addition, your dog’s own ear already expels the excess wax that is formed. Ideally, use your finger to do the cleaning. In addition to being much more comfortable for your pet, you will be able to feel the entire region with touch. It is very important to remember: you should clean only the area you can see. This makes it much easier to avoid possible accidents and injuries.

Initially, the puppy may get a little agitated while you clean his ear, so it is essential that you get used to this task from childhood. In addition to avoiding future problems, it is at this stage of life that he is most likely to adapt to new things. This way, over the years, it will be much easier to take care of your hygiene.

But you may be wondering how often you should clean your dog’s ear. Ideally, you do the cleaning weekly. Also remembering: The dog ear cleaning product should be recommended by a veterinarian.


How to Do Prevention of Canine Otitis?

The best way to prevent canine otitis is by cleaning your dog’s ears at the right frequency. By using the right lotions and medications, his ear will be much better protected against inflammation.


In addition, taking care of keeping your ears dry at all times is also very important, as some puppies can wet them while drinking water, especially those with long ears.

The wetter they get, the greater the chance that the puppy will have some kind of problem in this region. So it is also extremely important to dry his ears well after bathing.

Usually, dogs live scratching their ears. However, when complications start to occur, they do so more often as they begin to feel much more uncomfortable in this region.

When the pet has this problem, there is excess wax in the area, and in some cases, a discharge begins to expel. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better it will be for your partner. Therefore, recurring visits to the vet are essential!


What is the best dog ear cleaning product?

In the market, there are several lotions and special products to clean this region of the body, which is so important. Taking your pet to the vet, he will recommend the best dog ear cleaning product and help keep your pet protected at all times.

Maria Candida had a super nice chat with Willian Galharde, groomer of Petz, with several tips to clean the ear of your pet.

By following all these tips for cleaning dog ear, your pet is sure to always be more protected.