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How to Clean the Gravels of an Aquarium Without a Vacuum Cleaner


So you want to clean the gravel from your aquarium, but do not have a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt that has accumulated around the small stones. There is a way to clean the gravel so that it can be reused, saving a little money. However, it takes a little time. The end result will be clean cuttings, a clean aquarium, and happy fish.

How to Clean the Gravels of an Aquarium Without a Vacuum Cleaner


How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel


1 – Dip a glass or other small container into the aquarium water and fill it.

2 – Pour the water into a separate container that you will place the fish while cleaning the aquarium.

3 – Remove the fish and put them in a separate container.

4 – Remove any hose, lids, and decorations from the aquarium and set them aside.

5 – Use a glass or bowl to remove the water from the aquarium and throw it in the drain. The tank will be too heavy to lift if it is full of water. Decreasing your level will help.

6 – Take the tank as soon as the water level is low enough. Take it out and slowly pour out much of the water, being careful not to dump the gravel.


7 – Put a pot or something to get the gravel next to the tank and pour it out. If the aquarium is too heavy to turn, you will need to harvest them.

8 – Leave one or two glasses of gravel on the side without wiping. Bacteria that feed on debris will probably develop in the tank, and storing some of that gravel will keep them alive so they can continue their work when the aquarium is put back.

9 – Use a hose to wash the gravel. Fill the pan with water and use your hands to move and clean them. Turn the pot lightly to dump some of the water by the rim and then repeat.

10 – Pour the water from the pan again.

11 – Clean the tank and then pour the gravel back into the bottom.

12 – Put all hoses, engines, and decorations back in place and fill the tank with water. Make sure the water is at the right temperature and all other conditions appropriate for your type of fish.

13. Put the fish back into the aquarium.