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How to Deal with Jealous Dogs


How to Deal with Jealous Dogs – Many tutors think jealousy is just a sign of love as a puppy many find it cute when the dog snarls at someone approaching the owner, but then he grows up and this behavior goes from cuddly to embarrassing and uncomfortable.

How to Deal with Jealous Dogs

In this article we will talk about the behavior of dogs that become jealous, how to handle this situation and help your dog to become a quieter and more balanced animal.


Reasons That Make Dogs Jealous

Unfortunately some dogs become obsessed by their owners and in the vanity of being so loved unconditionally some tutors let that behavior increase. Some races may be more jealous than others.

Many dogs may be jealous of being possessive with their guardians or their favorite human, but some dogs also see themselves as defenders of their human family and in an attempt to protect their humans they show aggression.

The dog may also feel jealous when a new puppy joins the family, who resists the cuteness of a new little friend? The dog will feel his enthusiasm with the other dog and even if it was not a jealous dog before, it could become.


Behavior of jealous dogs

Jealous dogs generally show aggression, but make no mistake, it’s not just with humans, he can be jealous of someone else coming near you or another dog coming close to his tutor.


They can demonstrate such jealousy barking and snarling against dogs or people, or even climbing on the owner’s lap or trying to keep him away from those he does not want around.


How To Deal With Jealous Dogs

It is important to reinforce since the puppy the positive and negative behaviors that your dog has, showing him what makes you dissatisfied and therefore is not tolerated. The same goes for adult dogs, with persistence the puppy learns and changes its behavior.

If he climbs on your lap and growls when someone approaches, take him off his lap with a firm “no” whenever he does. If the dog growls when someone comes home, the same “no” holding it, if he climbs on the couch to lie between you and the other person, also remove it from the sofa, always ignoring it after the ” no”.

It is important to show when you are dissatisfied, but it is even more important to show when he is right. If your dog received another dog well while you walked, it’s time to reward him with a care, the same if he showed tranquility and receptivity to see you with another person.

Jealous dogs want attention, if the tutor gives too much attention or even makes a cuddle wanting to calm him when he acts wrong, the dog starts to associate his wrong attitude with the owner’s attention, and will never stop repeating this behavior. But if he understands that reacting well to other dogs and humans is a sign that the owner gives him attention, then he starts repeating good behavior.