How to Educate a Labrador Dog?

How to Educate a Labrador Dog?


To learn how to educate a labrador dog, the first is to start with the most basic steps of educating a dog. Keep in mind that when a new dog comes home, various behaviors common to all dogs begin. The labrador dog will bite both you and everything it finds on the floor; when you leave, there is a possibility that upon your return you will find some destruction; will do your needs anywhere in the house, and you may also cry in the evenings.

How to Educate a Labrador Dog?
How to Educate a Labrador Dog?

It is important that you be very patient when raising a labrador dog. Both patience and constancy must always be present. But most of all, don’t forget to do everything with love.


How to educate a labrador dog from day one at home?

Labrador dog education should begin from the first day you arrive home; This should be around 2 months when it is separated from the mother. The first steps in labrador dog education are:


To educate a labrador dog the first thing we teach is his name; it will be the word you will answer and answer for the rest of your life. Repeat the name whenever you interact with your new friend. Before starting any training you must have learned the name chosen for it perfectly.

Basic Orders

The word “no”, “come” and “let’s go” are the first that the dog must learn and understand. “No” when you do something you should not do; “Come” to address you whenever you call him, both at home and on the street; “Let’s go” to accompany you on the street and go to your side without having to pull the leash.

You can also teach your dog other very useful daily labrador orders. The order “sit” or “lie down” is very advantageous for all dogs, but especially for large dogs. With them, you can calm your dog when nervous or prevent him from climbing or jumping on people.


Make your needs on the street

In the early days, the labrador dog will pee and poop anywhere in the house, including carpets, beds, furniture… Since at first, it will be difficult to teach him to do only on the street, you can teach him to always do the same. place of the house: in a newspaper or soggy. Put several newspapers and gradually reduce the amount until your dog goes directly there.

You can wet the newspaper or soggy with your urine to urge you to do so. Obviously, the more times they go out and the better you set up a sightseeing routine, the sooner he will stop doing his homework.


One of the most important things in dog life is socializing with people and animals. Make every effort from day one to get in touch with other dogs and cats, as well as any animal you live with: like a rabbit or a bird. It is important for the dog to socialize indoors and out so that in the future it will not develop fears that trigger conduct problems. Let your labrador have fun with other dogs in the park!

The Labrador dog’s education should be like any other dog’s: with patience, respect and affection; never with punishments.