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How to Give Cat Pill: Making the Process Easier


Knowing how to give a cat pill can be harder than you think. Unlike the dog, which can be dribbled by putting the medicine in the middle of food, the cat is more selective at feeding time. And chances are your pet will scratch or bite you during the process, but calm down! Not everything is lost.

How to Give Cat Pill: Making the Process Easier

How to Give Cat Pill: Making the Process Easier

For our pussy to be well, everything is worth it, even learning how to give a pill to a cat, right? The veterinarian is the best friend of our pets, it is he who should tell the necessary care to our pets. In this process it is very important to strictly follow your veterinary prescription, respecting the times and doses of medications – and before starting the procedure, prepare to transmit safety to your pet, avoiding unnecessary stress.

Before attempting to force tablet ingestion, if there are no dietary restrictions and your veterinarian has been released from your pet, you may try to offer the macerated tablet, ie knead the tablet until it is powdered, dilute it in a small liquid portion of a sachet preferred by your cat At this time, offer the food as a treat, using a friendly tone of voice, caressing and reassuring your pet.

If the above method does not work, you may opt for forced ingestion. Currently, on the market, there is a tablet applicator. When it is quiet, hold the tablet in front of you and place it into the mouth with the applicator. Massage your pet’s throat for swallowing to occur. Do not force or try to stick the medicine deep in your throat as this will make you stressed and aggressive.

For the bravest cats, it is a good idea to keep your nails short, so the risk of a scratch will be less. After giving your cat the medicine, reward him with cuddling, play, and food to keep his behavior good.


Cat remedy: which one is ideal?

Although not the easiest task, giving the cat pill is still better than giving liquid medicine. This is because, for liquid medication, the pet preparation process is very similar, but it will be necessary to hold the cat’s head and use a syringe or dropper almost directly to its throat – something that will obviously stress the animal.

Check with your veterinarian if there is a pill option and give preference to it, as even difficult can be less exhaustive for the cat.


Cat Pain Remedy

Never give your cat medicines used to treat human pain, as they can cause serious side effects on your nervous system.

Dewormer for kittens

There are usually three doses of vet indicated by the vet in the initial step, so don’t go shopping for any medicine without first taking your pet to an appointment.

After this period the application will be done according to the way the veterinarian deems necessary and the habits of the animal.

Feline Liquid Remedy

One solution to make the application of liquid medicine less traumatic and easier is to mix it with food if the pet is unrestricted.

The tip is first to serve a portion of food without medicine, not to arouse suspicion, and then gradually mix the medication.

If you can’t mix it with the food, the way is to follow the same step-by-step as with the difference that you will need to hold the cat’s head to apply for the medicine with the help of a syringe or dropper. Good luck!