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How to Make a Puppy Stop Crying


How to Make a Puppy Stop Crying – The first thing we think when we hear a puppy crying is always the same, that it is suffering, this noise can be so disconcerting and sad that it generates us immediately desires to protect it and to cuddle it. But the animals, just like us, do not weep only for pain, by the cries they express a wide variety of emotions that we must learn to detect in order to know how to react. Not sure where to start? In this article by, we explain how to make a puppy stop crying.

How to Make a Puppy Stop Crying

Why do dogs cry?

The first thing to know very precisely is what are the reasons that usually push a puppy to cry, in this way you will be able to react correctly.

Among the usual causes we have:

  • That the puppy feels alone and helpless because he was separated from the group, the cries occur the first few days, especially at night.
  • When the animal suffers from anxiety due to separation or fear of staying alone, it is as normal as it cries. He tries to draw the attention of his master so that he accompanies him and takes care of him.
  • It is also a way to express pain, sickness, thirst or hunger.
  • Finally, crying is a form of manipulation that some dogs apply when they know that by crying they will get affection and attention.

Make a puppy stop crying at night

Dogs are animals that grow and live in groups, so when your pet is separated from his mother and siblings, it is normal for him to feel alone and helpless. This creates a sense of insecurity in the dog that must be adequately answered on our part.
To make a puppy stop crying at night, it is advisable to place your pet’s basket in your sight and not too far from the place where you sleep, it will give him a safety. In his basket, it is advisable to put at least a good sized plush that will simulate the body of his mother or another puppy and provide him with warmth and comfort. A good trick is also to place a watch on the cover of his bed, the Tic-Tac of the needles will stimulate the heartbeat of another animal, which will calm your puppy.
You will have to make your dog understand that now he is part of your tribe, that is why give him a lot of affection and share with him at least half an hour a day of games, this will help him to fight boredom and to tighten ties with you.


Avoid the puppy crying when he is alone

Anxiety due to separation and anxiety, in general, are two of the reasons that can make your pet spend an entire afternoon crying when he is alone at home. This can become a real problem for the neighbors and also for you, that’s why you have to act as quickly as possible.
To begin with, it is very important to walk your pet as soon as possible on the street, physical exercise is the key to reducing the puppy’s anxiety and avoiding these nervous cries. Leaving the radio on is a strategy that many use so that the animal does not feel alone thanks to the fact of hearing voices, the truth is that it works pretty well, but it is not the only thing you can do. Moreover, it is important that the dog has toys available to take care of during your absence, otherwise, your furniture and objects will become the victims of his loneliness and boredom. Leaving him a toy he adores only for the moments he spends alone will help him associate this moment with something positive, reducing his ill-being.


What if the crying is sudden and constant?

If you have never heard your puppy cry or you have managed to calm this behavior and, suddenly, it begins to do so, it is important to bring you closer to examine it and to make sure it is okay. Check his paws and his whole body, if at the touch of an area the animal howls or complaints more forcefully, then it is likely that it has hurt, in this case, the best is to bring it to a veterinarian.
Likewise, if the cries arise and the animal does not want to eat or drink, it is also advisable to see a specialist.
This article is purely informative, all how does not have the ability to prescribe veterinary treatment or carry out diagnoses. We invite you to bring your pet to the veterinarian if it presents genes or a sickness.