One of the fastest ways to kill saltwater fish in a domestic aquarium is to put tank decorations containing toxic materials for them. Even natural materials such as rocks and gravel can drop chemicals that contaminate your fish tank and kill your fish. Making decorations for your saltwater tank requires knowledge of what materials are and are not safe for saltwater fish. With a little research and planning, you can create more interesting structures than any plastic decoration you buy in the store.

How to Make Your Own Decorations for a Saltwater Aquarium

How to Make Your Own Decorations for a Saltwater Aquarium

Step 1

Design your distribution. You won’t know how big to build the structures or how much space to allocate them until you create a plan you can work with that encompasses all the elements in your tank. Measure your tank to know how much space you have and create a template at the bottom of the tank. Don’t forget to include tank height in your planning or your structures may not fit.

Step 2

Use wire cutters to cut the reef structure, egg carton, the size you want. Cardboard will be the basis of your structure. It will float, so you must tie it or anchor it to the tank.

Step 3

Build the structure the way you want using PVC pipe. This material is resistant in salt water and can be formed in different ways to create structures that support rocks or create caves for saltwater fish. Place pieces of PVC pipe with closing ties or join the pipes together. The aquarium silicone gel will have between 24 and 48 hours to heal.


Step 4

Place the PVC tube in your egg box. Spray your PVC tube and egg carton with space-filling foam that hardens and creates permanent structures. You can create interesting arches or other structures with PVC and this foam. Put small rocks or sand on the foam to give it more texture. This foam will also need time to heal before putting it in the tank.

Step 5

Add glass or ceramic to your structures, these materials are safe in saltwater, although they can be difficult to cut. Paste them into the structures you created using the aquarium silicone gel.

Step 6

Choose safe rocks for your saltwater tank. The living rock of a reef-like area can be used in saltwater tanks. Volcanic rock or pĆ³mez stone can also be used. Rocks can provide hiding places for the shy fish and divide your tank into different areas. Pre-clean the rocks and cure them before placing them in the tank.