How to Play with Your Hamster In and Out of The Cage

How to Play with Your Hamster In and Out of The Cage


The play is important for the hamster to exercise and maintain good health, in addition to approaching animal and owner
Despite the short and diminutive size of the little hen, the hamster loves to play like any other pet. It may not seem like it, but these rodents are very hectic, smart and curious, so they need distractions so they do not get bored. That’s why it’s common to see hamsters inside casters having fun for hours.

In addition to killing time, pranks are also important for the hamster to exercise and physical activities are imperative to ensure good health. In this way, it is interesting to set aside time every day to play with the pet, whether in or out of the cage.

How to Play with Your Hamster In and Out of The Cage


Playing outside the cage

Before taking the hamster out of the cage, remember to make the environment safe. Leave electrical wires out of reach, cover possible hiding places, collect tiny objects, and keep other animals stuck if you have more than one at home. After this step, grab the rodent and choose one of the play options.


Buying or building a little haven is a safe way to play with the pet. He changes airs and does not run the risk of running around the house. It is interesting to spread toys around the enclosure, such as tunnels, casters, obstacles to make fun. Be aware of picking a little shroom larger than the cage.

Exercise Ball

Buying a hamster-specific exercise ball is an interesting and fun idea. They are found in any pet shop. When placing the rodent, cover well and supervise the whole game. You may want to exercise on a rug or on a carpeted surface to move easily.


Let go of the house

One option is to let it go in some room and let it explore without limits. The objects of the house itself can be obstacles or it is possible to spread the hamster’s own toys on the floor. Be very careful not to get distracted and lose the animal around the house. If this happens do not give up looking for it.


Playing inside the cage

Exercise Wheel

This method is the most traditional when it comes to exercises. The wheel can be installed in the cage and will be available for the pet to use when you feel like it. Choose a solid plastic or mesh model that is large enough for the animal to run without bending the spine.

Toys and obstacles

To make the cage more interesting and fun, it is cool to include several toys and obstacles. You can use the same ones placed in the cage. Tunnels, casters, and teethers are some examples of toys. You can buy them at a pet shop or produce at home.

Although the hamster usually likes jokes, do not force him. See beforehand if he is willing to have fun with you, if not for another time.