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How to Remove Cat Fleas: 4 Steps to Get Rid of Parasites


n addition, unwanted visitors can bring complications to the pet’s health. If you are looking for how to get flea from puppy and adult cat, read on. We separate four steps to end parasites once and for all.

How to Remove Cat Fleas: 4 Steps to Get Rid of Parasites

How to Remove Cat Fleas: 4 Steps to Get Rid of Parasites

Fleas: small but dangerous

If you have a four-legged child at home, you’ve probably had to deal with the dreaded fleas. However, although they are common, many do not know the danger that these parasites represent.

Dr. Bruno Saito, a veterinarian, explains the possible complications. “Fleas can pose a threat to kittens mainly for two reasons: first, they are vectors of diseases, such as feline infectious anemia and bartonellosis. Second, as fleas bite many times a day to feed on blood, they cause a lot of itching and sometimes allergies, wounds, and even shedding. ”

Thus, it is important to seek professional help when noticing fleas in cats. The vet will do a health check-up, in addition to giving specific recommendations for your furry!

1. Learn to identify the problem

The first step in thinking about how to take cat fleas is to identify if your friend is infested. The fluffy fur of the pussies can serve as a camouflage for this parasite, which often goes unnoticed. The main signs are:

  • Excessive itching: fleas have a well-known symptom, the famous “itch-itchy” that torments the furry ones! However, not all itching is associated with parasites. So it is important to keep an eye on frequency and intensity. If the pussy is itching a lot, it may be a sign of contamination;
  • Nibbles and licking: One of the main signs of intense itching is when the fur starts to nibble or excessively lick parts of its body. This usually occurs in the paws or tail;
  • Hair loss: in more severe cases, the pet may show hair loss thanks to a flea infestation. This usually occurs in the neck or near the tail,
  • Lethargy: in some cases, fleas can transmit disease or excessively suck blood from the fur. Therefore, the pussy may appear to be more tired and without energy.

If you notice the symptoms above, you probably have a cat with a flea at home. So it is important to follow the next steps to avoid complications.


2. Use a safe method

When researching how to remove cat fleas, it is common to find homemade practices involving products such as vinegar, oil, or teas. However, it is important to look for a safe method, certified by specialists.

Homemade products, besides not having proven effectiveness, can cause allergies and irritations to pets! In addition, it is easy to find an effective and reliable cat flea. Just look for the nearest Petz! The main models of fleas are:

  • Pipette: the pipette is one of the most used fleas for puppies and adult cats. It is a liquid that is applied to the pet’s neck so that it cannot reach the product. The content is absorbed by the skin, killing fleas in a short time. When we talk about a feline, the pipette is the best option. In addition to being affordable, fast, and effective, it doesn’t bother as much as other methods of prevention
  • Pills: Pills are also a safe and effective method. It works from the inside out, killing fleas when they suck blood. As pussies love to lick themselves, the tablet has its advantages! Nothing is applied to the skin, so there is no risk of accidental ingestion. However, it is worth remembering that giving a cat pill can be a complicated task! It is indicated for calmer pussies, who take medication without causing major problems.
  • Flea collars: collars are among the most traditional methods of taking cat fleas! Its operation is similar to that of the pipette. The product is spread over the skin and gradually kills the dreaded fleas. The collar is very safe and effective, always a good option. However, it is worth remembering that not all cats get along with accessories close to the body! Make sure your pet feels comfortable with the collar so as not to stress it.
  • Shampoos: shampoos are also widely used when it comes to removing cat fleas. Its performance can be varied, according to the composition of the product. And, in addition to eliminating fleas, shampoos still leave the pet clean, fluffy, and fragrant! We must remember, however, that many pussies do not like to bathe. Therefore, if you prefer to use an anti-flea shampoo, it is recommended to seek a specialized location, such as Petz Beauty Centers!

Knowing the main methods and remedies for fleas in cats is important to choose the one that best fits your friend’s profile. Always look for a safe, effective, and friendly way. The idea is to eliminate the parasites without stressing the pet!

3. Clean the environment

Removing cat fleas using a safe method can be a relief. However, the war against parasites continues! This is because in order to get rid of unwanted visitors for good, it is also necessary to clean the environment. To do this, just follow a few steps:

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor: good cleaning is essential to get rid of fleas!
  • Use specific products: in specialized stores, such as Petz, it is easy to find flea sprays for the environments.
  • Wash all accessories: to get rid of fleas for good, do not forget to clean the bed, toys, feeders and other furry accessories.

4. Prevent future contamination

After all the work to remove cat fleas, it is best to avoid the problem! Especially because these parasites are insistent and, if the guardian is not aware, the pet can be recontaminated. Luckily, preventing fleas is not difficult! Just follow some recommendations:

  • Prohibit access to the street: the street brings several risks to the pussy. In addition to the possibility of contamination with diseases, the furry is still subject to accidents, falls, and fights. With a well-equipped and pleasant home, the cat has no reason to leave the house!
  • Maintain good hygiene: cleaning pussy accessories frequently is important to prevent parasites. In addition, even for cats, an occasional bath is recommended. Look for a pet grooming center and shower your pussy every now and then!
  • Use repellent methods: some products, such as pipettes, must be applied regularly. That way, your fur will always be protected, avoiding the risk of contamination and disease!
  • Make regular visits to the vet: the specialist will keep an eye on fleas and other parasites, in addition to having a regular check-up on your friend’s health.

Knowing how to remove cat fleas is important for every tutor. This is a way to worry about your furry’s well-being and health. So, for other tips that guarantee the healthiness of the furry, check out the myfriendlypets blog!