How to Stop Dog Barking: 6 Steps to a Calm Pet

How to Stop Dog Barking: 6 Steps to a Calm Pet


Dogs can be man’s best friends because they offer attention, companionship and lots of love. But even dear ones can sometimes become quite unpleasant with their unique habits or excessive noises. And so the question of many tutors is: how to make a dog stop barking?

How to Stop Dog Barking: 6 Steps to a Calm Pet
How to Stop Dog Barking: 6 Steps to a Calm Pet

In addition to annoying, a noisy pet can cause problems with neighbors, dismiss visitors and cause great inconvenience. Therefore, we have separated seven tips for those looking to improve the relationship with the animal and have an even more special and reciprocal friendship.


Dogs will bark

First and foremost, it is important for one thing to be clear: dogs bark. It is your natural way of expressing yourself and communicating, showing joy for someone who has just arrived or strangeness with a stranger.

So, for dog lovers, barking is normal, even pleasurable. Nevertheless, it is important to identify when the bark is natural and when it is excessive and is becoming a problem for you and even your friend.


But why does the dog bark?

We already know that barking is the dog’s way of expressing himself, but what does he mean? In fact, barking can have many meanings, and some tutors even know how to identify your pet’s signs through it.

At times, when your friend is excited or happy, the barking is normal and welcome. However, there are cases that sound may disturb. Here are some reasons that help explain why dogs bark :

  • protection: dogs are very territorialist. Upon noticing a stranger in his “domain,” he may bark to ward off the intruder;
  • Fear: Sometimes the dog may bark out of fear or fear. Feeling threatened, he starts barking to attract attention and get help;
  • Alarm: Some dogs feel their guardian’s faithful squire. Upon noticing something he does not like, the dog may bark to warn him;
  • Loneliness: Don’t forget that dogs are very sociable animals. They enjoy coexistence and friendship. Being alone is torture for a dog and he can bark to find a company,
  • Boredom: Dogs are very active and need to waste their energy! If you are left alone at home with no way to play, the dog will bark out of pure boredom.

The first step to avoiding a noisy dog ​​is to try to avoid barking situations. In addition, we have separated seven tips that will help you reduce your friend’s barking.


1. Act directly on the cause of bark

As stated earlier, barking is one of the main ways a dog has to communicate. So nothing more natural than him barking to warn that he is hungry, thirsty, afraid, feeling alone, bored or in pain.

Before taking any action to reduce barking, it is critical to identify the cause and act on it. For example, if the dog barks to warn that it is hungry, try to create a routine. If the dog barks from being bored, buy interactive toys to stimulate him.

2. Do not shout!

As smart as your four-legged son is, he will not understand what is being said. Therefore, by shouting, you make the pet even more excited and, worse, will show that noise is allowed in your home.


Dogs learn a lot from observation: if they notice that their guardian is calm and quiet, they will relax and stop barking. So instead of raising your voice, do the opposite and speak firmly but in a controlled manner. This will help the pet understand that this is not an alarming situation.

3. Reward the effort

Dogs love a snack, and this can be used for training! If you have a friend who is barking too much, wait for him to stop barking. When this happens, reward him with a treat or a pat on the belly.

Little by little, he will learn that barking is not the best way to get what he wants and he must stop barking excessively.

4. Impose limits

A question for many tutors is how to make the dog stop barking aimlessly. As has been said, dogs will bark naturally, the important thing is not to be excessive.

Not to stress your friend, every time he makes a noise, impose a barking limit. For example, let it bark 5 times without disturbing you. After this number, begin to calmly and steadily ask him to stop. And reward him when he does that.

5. Provide a quiet space

If you have a nervous, barking four-legged child, consider giving him a quieter space. This area, designed exclusively for the dog, can be useful on several occasions, such as when visitors arrive or when tutors leave the house.

It can be a small room with walks, your favorite toys, water and food, and little noise. Make a comfortable space for your friend to be reassured in stressful situations.

You can count on even the help of synthetic pheromones, which you find in stores like myfriendlypets.

6. Have a stress collar

In some situations, especially in fireworks and storms, it is very difficult to keep your friend calm. But today, it is possible to find so-called anti-stress necklaces. They are devices that hug the pet at the right points, giving them security and tranquility, helping to control the bark.