Her puppy, which was once cheerful and bouncy, is a little discouraged and always seems tired. Lion hunger has given way to lack of appetite, but instead of losing weight it seems rounder. If she has not been neutered, you can make an appointment with the vet, as this will allow you to know if the dog is pregnant (pregnant) with complete certainty.

How to Tell If the Dog Is Pregnant

How to Tell If the Dog Is Pregnant

The canine pregnancy lasts between 58 and 68 days (on average 60 to 63 days), and the first signs begin to manifest around the 20th day. It is very important, both for the health of the mother and puppies, that the confirmation is made soon so that the specific care in this period is adopted.


Pregnancy Symptoms In Dog: What Are

The first sign of pregnancy in women, besides the delay in menstruation, is constant sickness. There is no way to tell if the dog is pregnant (pregnant) along this same line as the symptoms are different and include:

  • Lack of or considerable reduction of appetite
  • Enlargement of nipples, which also get darker and with thinner and sensitive skin
  • Belly lift
  • Tiredness and physical discomfort
  • Looking for warm, comfortable places and objects where you can nest puppies, such as blankets, walkways, and drafty rooms

From the 25th day, it is possible to confirm the pregnancy through an ultrasound, which even shows the puppies in the mother’s belly.


Dog Pregnancy: How to Care

No more forcing the future mommy! Once you have figured out how to know if the dog is pregnant (pregnant) you will need to slow down her efforts – this means that games that require a high degree of activity, such as chasing the ball and practicing cooper with the guardian, should be left for later. Light walks are recommended as they strengthen the Dog for childbirth.


Accompanying a veterinarian is essential for a healthy pregnancy, and at the slightest sign that something is not going well, run for an appointment.


Pregnant Dog: What Care

Lack of appetite is no excuse not to feed the dog, which in this period needs reinforcement in meals, with a high-quality feed at least twice a day. At first, offer wet food to encourage her to eat, and after the 30th day of gestation, offer food with more protein and calories.

A pregnant Dog cannot be in a stressful environment as this can harm puppies and cause premature birth. Avoid situations that may upset you and talk to other people in the house for everyone to collaborate.

The birth interval between puppies is 15 minutes and the first baby arrives around four hours after the first contractions. The delivery of the dog must occur smoothly and without major difficulties, if not, contact the veterinarian; assemble a comfortable space so she can give birth safely with sheets, soft material, and cardboard. At the end of pregnancy, the dog usually begins to set up her nest and she ends up choosing the place where she will give birth.