Ideal balance Dog and Cat food

Hill Nutrition for dogs and cats

At Hill, we are aware of the privileged link you have with your pet. That is why we strive to develop the best possible foods to ensure the health of your pet. With more than 150 veterinarians, doctors nutritionists and nutrition specialists around the world, Hill is constantly looking for innovative nutritional solutions to provide the animals with a balanced diet of exceptional quality, irrespective of their age, race or state of health.

Ideal balance Dog and Cat food


NEW: Hill Ideal Balance

We assure you that Hill has taken into account the latest scientific knowledge as well as the desires of the consumer in the development of ideal balance. Hill, offers a balanced 100% supply as well as other innovative advantages, such as:

  • Fresh chicken as the main ingredient
  • Corn-free, wheat or soy
  • Wet food for dogs and cats (three boxes for dogs, lunch bag for cats)
  • Plus a cereal-free product for dogs and cats (canine and feline adult with chicken and potatoes)

Without dyes, aromas or synthetic preservatives


The range includes food for each life phase of dogs (puppy, adult, mature adult) as well as three sizes of croquettes (small breed, medium, large breed).

For cats, kitten, adult and mature products are available as in the past. The ideal balance is available in bag sizes of 227 g (snacks), 2 kg, 12 kg and in the box of 363 G.

For cats, there are bag sizes of 300 g, 2 kg, 4 kg and meal bags at 85 g.