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How To Know What The Cat Wants


How To Know What The Cat Wants – Cats are mysterious animals, are not they? Lonely, independent and even half-grumpy at times, pussies are usually the sovereigns of the house. And it’s not for little! They are affectionate, but only when they want, and also love marathons around the house at dawn.

Because of this nature shrouded in mysteries, they end up not communicating with as much emphasis as the dogs. Knowing what they want from a meow or tail movement is difficult – especially for new owners. So, we do a how we show how to know what the cat wants!

How To Know What The Cat Wants


The tail says a lot

Pay attention to the movements that your pet’s tail does. Knowing what each position means is essential so you can know what the cat wants and thus meet his needs. If he has his tail up and straight, but with a small curve at the tip, point for you, the pussy is happy. The same feeling for when his tail is vibrating.
But be careful if the hair is stretched up, well bristling, and the tail is curved in N. When the cat is like that, it means he is aggressive and preparing for a fight. When the tail is very low and threaded between the legs, the pussy is frightened.


Pay attention to the eyes

To know what the cat wants, look into his eyes. Face it with care, without aggression and blinking, otherwise, it can cause discomfort and aggression on the part of the animal. If your pupils are dilated, the animal may be happy and excited or aggressive.

The pussy that looks deep in your eyes, is demonstrating that you trust and feel good about your company. Slow flashing means comfort and affection. Do not hesitate to find out how to get a cat with these tips that make tutors and pussies happy.



Body language

The cats show all the movements that are – as they can not speak – and are sometimes much lighter than humans. When he raises his nose and tilts his head back, it’s as if he says he recognizes you. If the pussy has very low ears, he is afraid or anxious. The signal also indicates a willingness to play and explore. By placing your tongue out and licking your lower lip, the cat shows concern.

Do you like it when a cat rubs you? It is because he is marking his body as his property. A wet-nosed kiss is a show of affection and comfort.

A cat that bites you is warning you: I want to be alone! See other common signs of cats :

  • When a feline smells his face, he is confirming his identity.
  • When you hit your paws on the floor, get ready. Your cat wants to play and trusts you for this mission.
  • If your cat licked you, feel privileged. He is showing a lot of confidence since that is how the mother cleans the puppies.
  • Other cats prefer to demonstrate love by copying their actions. This can be lying on the floor, smelling it and even nudging you.
  • Purring is a display of extreme satisfaction.


Do not provoke a cat. If he is showing dissatisfaction with his presence, move away to avoid scratches.
If your cat is very aggressive, maybe it’s time to call a vet or trainer to control the situation.
Never force an animal to do what it does not want. The result can be painful for both.