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Learn How to Dry Your Cat to Keep it Clean


How to Dry Your Cat to Keep it Clean – As clean as cats are, in some situations self-cleaning does not take care of removing all the dirt
Hardly the owners can keep their pet completely clean. They like to play in the yard, take a walk down the street and run around the house, which makes it impossible to make it perfect. The same goes for cats, however clean they are. Dry bathing may be a good option to sanitize your cat when it is too dirty.

Learn How to Dry Your Cat to Keep it Clean

However, in case of extreme dirt, is not it better to bathe using water? No, because as many knows, water and cat do not match. Most have aversion to this cleansing mode and forcing it to be much worse, however dirty it is. That’s why the best option is to learn how to give a dry bath because it sanitizes and does not become a traumatic moment.


Does the cat really need a dry bath?

Pussies are naturally clean animals. They spend up to 4 hours of their day just to lick themselves, clean themselves and keep their hair in order. Its rough and rough tongue has been developed just for this, allowing all dirt accumulated between the fur threads to be eliminated. For this reason, you will hardly find your friend completely dirty.

So before you buy the utensils to clean it, make sure it is necessary. In some situations, he just came in a bit grimy from the street and you already imagined that he needed a shower, and he did not even wait for the natural cleaning process.

However, there are cases that he really needs the help of the owner, for example, if he is too obese to wash efficiently, is wearing an Elizabethan collar, the coat is getting too dirty and the animal does not care, some disease preventing cleaning daily or if the feline is elderly. It is for situations as dry bath serves.


Wet wipes

Wet wipes for cats are a great alternative to bathing with water. This product deodorizes the animal’s coat, removes allergens and scatters essential oils from the skin. It can be found in any pet shop, but remember to choose one with 0% alcohol, composed of natural ingredients (such as lavender and aloe vera) and that is for veterinary use.

When cleaning the pussy, choose a time that is relaxed and will not complain, like after meals and games, to make your job easier. If it appears stress or agitation during the bath, stop and try another time. Never force the animal to do anything against its will.

A good way to calm him down and make him comfortable is to cuddle before. Keep the wipes moist close to you to start the bath during the caresses. Then, as your right-hand passes over your hair, take a handkerchief with your left hand and begin to clean it. He will not even notice the change and will hardly oppose it.


Pay attention to the whole body and not only the dirtiest region, distributing the essential oils by the coat. Change your handkerchief as it gets dark. Use a new one to clean the facial area. With one hand gently hold the head behind and with the other eliminate the waste slowly. Lastly, do not forget the paws, probably the grimiest part of the body.

No matter how practical the handkerchiefs are, use moderately. Excessive use will dry out the pussy skin, as well as prevent natural cleansing from occurring.


Dry shampoo

This product was made especially for the dry cleaning of cats. Its texture is foamy and just brushing the hair to remove it completely. You will find it in any pet shop, of the most varied brands. Choose a natural, non-toxic and that will prevent the dryness of the animal’s skin. When in doubt, get help from a trusted seller.

Just like the wipes, apply the shampoo when the cat is calm. Put some on the coat and spread with the hand, as if it were a cream. Massage during the process to keep you relaxed. After dispensing the foam evenly, remove by brushing.

Choose a racket brush (with pins) to remove the entire product. To prevent him from licking the shampoo that is on his skin, play around and distracting with snacks or toys. If you have someone else available at home, ask them to do this. Remember to use the item sparingly.


Maintain a cleaning routine

A good way to keep the cat always intact is by maintaining a cleaning routine. Buy the right tools, such as a racket brush and a breaker to remove knots or tangles, and remember to use them regularly. If the pussy does not do well with brushes, opt for the glove for grooming.

For short-haired felines, brush once a week, and for long-haired cats daily. Be gentle during the process so the animal does not object. If you have us, use the breaker. Be careful not to hurt him.

Keeping this cleaning routine, it will hardly get too dirty and you will need the dry or water bath. Remember to devote a special moment to the delicate parts of the body such as eyes, mouth, and ear. Take a day to clean these areas.