How to Make Halloween Costume for Dog

How to Make Halloween Costume for Dog

The Halloween is the perfect excuse to have fun as a family and of course, our pets are also part of this group, so it is those who cannot resist the temptation to dress up your dog at the first opportunity, take advantage of this time when all we dress of another person.



How to Make Halloween Costume for Dog

Steps to follow:

  1. This is the simplest, most comfortable and economical option you can find for your dog and is extremely fun and terrifying. Your dog will hardly feel uncomfortable with this detail that perfectly matches Halloween to make your dog the friendliest in the neighborhood.
  2. If you have a big dog with a bad air, this prisoner costume will be perfect, besides being a comfortable, fresh option that will not bring too much heat to the dog, remember that they already have enough.
  3. And for the consensual of the house, nothing better than a costume quite worthy of Halloween: witches. This option is ideal if someone in the family also chooses to be a sorceress during this 31st of October. You can find several identical options but princess and fairy.
  4. If you have as a pet a dog it makes sense to fantasize about a hot dog. This fantasy is not only fun but also very simple to put on, you just have to put it on your back and thanks to your strings it grabs very well. Make your pet a very creative hotdog.
  5. This rude puppy looks really good on his motorcycle costume. It blends in perfectly with those who love motorcycles, an economical, simple, fresh and very original option.
  6. Star Wars fans will love these options. Although Yoda is one of the most beloved of all, you can also fantasize your Darth Vader dog with a darker side. If you have a female dog you can fantasize about Princess Leia, with a wig included.
  7. For the larger dog breeds, which are usually very active, this is a good option: they are the “horses” and carry a doll to your cowboy or knight’s back, depending on your choice. Very simple to put and certainly great fun.
  8. Do you like the classics? So, nothing better than making your dog a superhero. You can find in costumes stores, Batman, Superman, Robin and a multitude of options, all very fun.
  9. Remember that the costume that you choose for your puppy should not be too hot as they already have their fur to protect themselves and a thick layer of fabric can stifle it or make you feel uncomfortable.
  10. In addition, make sure that the costume is elastic, that does not tighten your body and especially that does not hurt in important areas such as the neck. If you see that your dog is uncomfortable, remove the costume, to make it more comfortable.

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