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My Cat Doesn’t Want to Eat: See Seven Common Causes for the Problem.


Just as we stop eating for a number of reasons, the lack of appetite in cats also has no single explanation and can be caused either by very simple issues or even very serious illnesses. So many tutors ask themselves, why doesn’t my cat want to eat?

Of course, this problem cannot be ignored. After all, regardless of the reason for the lack of appetite, a malnourished cat will be debilitated and more prone to developing other diseases.

My Cat Doesn't Want to Eat: See Seven Common Causes for the Problem.

My Cat Doesn’t Want to Eat: See Seven Common Causes for the Problem.

We at myfriendlypets have listed seven common reasons for a cat to stop eating, but it’s important to note that these tips are no substitute for a vet’s assessment!


High temperatures

Summer days can be a delight, but they also give you that piece of cake. With cats is no different! Therefore, on very hot days it is common for them to spend more time sleeping in some cool area of ​​the house, which makes it seem that the cat does not want to eat or drink water.

In fact, it may happen that your friend ends up “forgetting” to eat and even drink water. To minimize the problem, try to keep fresh and clean water available at all times, preferably in a fountain-type drinker.

Changes in the environment

Pussies don’t like news very much. Just a small change in the arrangement of home furniture can make them stressed. Therefore, with this stress many stop eating.

The same goes for the arrival of a new pet, travel, moving house, presence of strangers, parties, changing the accessories of the animal, such as water cooler, bed, etc. To try to help your partner get used to the new situation, a tip is to bet on feline pheromone diffusers, which reassure the cat, reducing stress.

Selective Appetite

As carnivores, pussies have a very sharp sense of smell, which they use to select food. Therefore, when choosing a portion of cat food, it is not enough that it is tasty. It also needs to have a pleasant aroma.

It is important to note that some cats have a more selective appetite and, if this is the case with your pussy, look in one of Petz’s stores for information on feedstuffs made just for those most demanding animals.


Sudden feed change

Changing a pet’s feed from time to time is never a good idea because a sudden change often causes gastrointestinal problems such as discomfort or diarrhea.

But in the case of cats, there is another aggravating factor: some pussies suffer from the so-called food neophobia, that is, they refuse to eat new food. So make the transition gradually, mixing the new ration with the old one gradually, until the cat gets used to it. Another important recommendation is to consult a veterinarian, he may indicate a diet for a cat you do not want to eat.


When cats lick themselves clean, they eventually ingest hair, which is usually eliminated in the feces. The so-called tricobezoars appear when this does not happen. These hairballs obstruct the gastrointestinal tract and may cause inappetence. To avoid the problem, brush your cat regularly and offer specific foods to prevent the formation of these hairballs. Cat curls also help to stimulate intestinal transit.

Advanced age

Remember that smell is very important for cats to select food? As they get older, they lose that sense a little and feel less motivated to eat.

The loss of teeth also contributes to the reduction of the volume of food ingested and, therefore, it is important to offer adequate rations for the age group of the animal.

Diseases, including poisoning

Poor appetite is often among the symptoms of virtually every disease. Therefore, whenever the cat stops eating, it is essential to take it to the vet for an evaluation.

In this regard, also be aware of other signs that something is wrong, the cat does not want to eat and is vomiting, as well as cases of diarrhea and reduced water intake, to describe the fullest possible picture to the doctor. vet.

Now that you have all the information about your pussy’s lack of appetite and eating problems, be sure to follow more posts about kitten health, wellness and curiosity here on the myfriendlypets blog!