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Video: How dwarf hamsters eat February 2019

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How to Take Care of Hamster Babies

How to Take Care of Hamster Babies

does not hide them, as they rot easily and hamsters are very prone to intestinal infections due to poor food. These infections, in hamsters, are usually deadly even with treatment….

9 months ago
Interesting Facts about Hamsters

Interesting Facts about Hamsters

Interesting Facts about Hamsters – Although they are popular pets in many countries, the domestication of hamsters is relatively recent: it was only in the 1930s that hamsters became family…

1 year ago
How Long are Hamster Pregnant

How Long are Hamster Pregnant

hamsters typically have between six and ten toddlers, whereas dwarf hamsters normally have 5 or six. It has been recognised for hamsters to present birth to greater than sixteen toddlers…

2 years ago
Can Cats Eat Corn

Can Cats Eat Corn? its Safe?

corn-based foods, then you may be tempted to feed your cat some corn too. However, cats can eat corn?   Can cats eat corn? In short, the answer is yes,…

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Can a Dog Eat Raw Meat

Can a Dog Eat Raw Meat?

recipes are those based on raw meat. In general, meals consisting of 60% raw meat, meat bones, and a mix of plant and animal foods such as vegetables, eggs, kids…

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries?

blueberries since those have a high sugar content that is dangerous for your cavy buddies. It’s great to stay away from those treats. Blueberries can be fine and sweet treats…

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