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How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop


How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop – We do not know for sure why dogs are drawn to roll on things that smell repugnant to humans. But there are some possible explanations.

How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop


Dogs have a distinct sense of smell

It is no secret that dogs noses are much more sensitive than humans. But it is not fair that dogs’ sense of smell is sharper than ours, dogs can actually detect more layers of scent.

For example, when a possum sprays a rosebush, a human just smells after the skunk since it is a newer, stronger odor than the rose’s scent itself. But if a dog sniffed the same rose bush, it would be able to smell both the skunk and the roses and probably a myriad of other odors as well.

This is probably an evolutionary trait that helped dogs communicate with their packs when wild canines roamed the ground. “scented” with such scents can allow the dog to carry the stinking home message, so other dogs in the pack can learn everything about a potential food source.

Since many wild dog species were scavengers, they would be attracted to scents like rotten carcasses (which, to not be too graphic, do not smell different from feces).


Dogs may be trying to mark their territory

It is well known that packaging and territorial animals will mark their territory by urinating on it. This scent allows other packages of rivals to know to avoid a particular area unless they want to fight for it.

A wild dog or rolling wolf in poop (or other animal matter) may be trying to replace the scent of another animal, or intentionally leaving its own perfume as a warning.

Again, it is not the clearest explanation as to why pet dogs engage in such behavior, but at least provides some evolutionary clues.


Dogs bearing on the poop may be wearing camouflage

Like their predecessors, pet dogs can roll in poop and other unpleasant-smelling stuff in order to mask their own scent. Wolves, especially, would not want a potential prey like a deer to be able to smell them coming.


If your own scent was camouflaged with the smell of poop, the predator would have an easier time hunting its prey.


How to Stop a Dog from Rolling in Poop

It’s not clean to save you poop rolling, particularly if you have a big backyard otherwise you permit your canine to hike off-leash. Wild animal waste can be well camouflaged, mainly rabbit and deer droppings, which have a tendency to be pellet sized and unfold out. That stated, most puppies have some obvious “tells” that they exhibit right before they get prepared to roll. The first step to stopping poop rolling is recognizing what occurs proper before it begins, after which brief-circuiting the behavior.

Maximum puppies hone in on the scent earlier than they dive on, so if you word your dog specializing in a patch of ground with greater than common intensity, it’s viable that a roll is forthcoming. A few dogs may even do a pre-roll pose, meaning, they rotate their face to the facet and step by step descend right down to the pile, nearly in slow motion. (despite the fact that animal poop can end up everywhere on a dog’s body, maximum puppies begin their roll by placing the aspect of their face and neck in it, which ends up in a completely messy collar.) after you see the symptoms of a capacity poop roll, you need to act speedily with a strong “leave it” cue.

“depart it” manner “pass far from the object of the hobby,” and is helpful in some of the regular conditions. In case your dog selections up road rubbish like bird bones throughout your walks, you may ask him to “go away it” earlier than he has a hazard to put it in his mouth. If your dog desires to “help” on laundry day through grabbing socks and commencing, you could tell him to “leave it” as opposed to chasing her down to retrieve the contraband. And on the subject of poop rolling, a nicely-timed “depart it” will save you a completely messy smooth-up.


Teach your dog to ‘Leave it’

Earlier than you may use “leave it” to save you a poop dive, you want to educate it in a spread of controlled situations. To start the procedure, take a dry treat and present it in your canine at nostril degree in a closed fist in order that he can scent it but can’t get to it. Your canine will probably nose and nibble your fist wondering it’ll make you open your hand, but ignore all interactions until your dog backs far from your hand. (it might take a couple of minutes the first time.) as soon as he moves away from your hand, say “sure!” or click with a clicker to mark the behavior, and provide your dog a further unique deal with like bird or cheese out of your other hand. The treat for your fist represents the contraband you need your canine to move far from, so never reward her with it.

Whilst your dog is reliably backing away each time you gift your closed fist, you can start to name the behavior through pronouncing “go away it” proper as your dog actions away. It’ll take about 20 repetitions earlier than the phrase is anchored to the behavior and your canine is familiar with what it manner. At that factor, make it greater difficult by using putting the dry treat on the ground below your shoe. Your canine will possibly undergo the equal nibble-lick-paw system initially, however, the second she backs away, say “sure!” or click and praise your canine from your hand.

Repeat this procedure a dozen instances, profitable every success and work as much as including the phrase “depart it.” as soon as your canine is always moving far away from the treat under your foot, attempt a few repetitions where you pass your foot far from the deal with so your canine can see it (but be geared up to cover it back up again in case your canine makes a dive for it). Praise your dog for the identical movement far away from the deal with. You can additionally try a few marvel education periods by means of dropping something your dog unearths fascinating, like a crumpled up paper towel or sock, and asking her to “go away it.” those unexpected periods help to generalize the conduct.

Sooner or later, take your schooling outside. Set up a gauntlet of mildly thrilling items a few ft aside like toys, used napkins, socks, and meals wrappers. (in case you’re involved that your canine would possibly grab the objects earlier than you’ve got a hazard to cue “depart it,” placed her on a leash, and keep in mind revisiting the initial schooling steps.) walk along with your dog closer to your planted items, and proper as your dog starts off evolved to area in on it, say “depart it.” at this point, the cue must have this sort of strong and nice association that your dog will speedy orient to you with a view to getting the reward. Don’t forget about to reward your canine lavishly.

To finalize the schooling, envision what a preempted poop roll will appear like in your yard or on the trail. Extra than in all likelihood, your canine could be at a distance from you, so exercise this important part of the manner via using a “leave it” whilst your canine isn’t right next to you. Reward her whilst she seems up from the object of the hobby, then kneels down and inspires her to run to you for a good. Because rolling in poop is so rewarding, preempting it’s far a massive deal, so deliver your canine plenty of love for an activity well done, and attempt to find a poop-free sector to hang out to avoid further temptation.