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How to Tell if My Dog has a Fever


How to Tell if My Dog has a Fever – Probably everyone should know that old method of touching the muzzle of the dogs to see if they have a fever or not. But is that just enough to really know if they have a fever? Keep reading to find out other signs that may indicate fever, what causes it, and how to treat it.

Let’s start by talking about the normal temperature of dogs. Did you know that they have an average temperature that varies between 37.5 ºC and 39.5 ºC? Yes, their normal temperature is a bit higher than humans.

How to Tell if My Dog has a Fever


So if you suddenly measure your dog’s temperature and appear somewhere in between, do not be alarmed. Of course, if the temperature is equal to or above 40 ° C it is already good to take it to the vet.

How do I know if the dog has a fever or not? If you have a thermometer at home, you can do the measurement yourself. If the thermometer is rectal, lubricate it with lubricating gel or petroleum jelly. After this, gently insert it into the dog’s anus and leave it for 1 or 2 minutes. When you give the time, check the temperature given by the thermometer. There is also the option of using an ear thermometer – a little more expensive, but much less invasive.

Now, if you do not have a thermometer nearby, you can check some signs that may indicate a dog with a fever. In addition to checking his muzzle – if it is hot and dry, it may be a symptom of fever – also watch for the following signs: red eyes, hot ears, lack of energy, loss of appetite, coughing, vomiting, and tremors.

What can cause fever in dogs? There are several causes. It could be some infection or virus. It may also be something that your pet has eaten and that has harmed it. Maybe some poisonous plant? Or some food not suitable for dogs – be careful what you give your dog!


It is also not uncommon for your pet’s temperature to rise or fall between 24 and 48 hours after a vaccination – in this case, the fever does not pose much danger and usually passes after a day or so, but it is always good to monitor it.


How to reduce the temperature of the dog?

If you can not get him to a veterinarian right away, there are some ways to reduce fever:

  • Apply a damp towel and cloth to the ears and legs of the animal;
  • Make him drink plenty of water;
  • Take a warm bath (with the water being almost cold) in it – if it is not getting cold in the daytime.

In the meantime, avoid walking and playing with it – you have to let it rest. Also, avoid giving him too hot or cold foods. And never give human-made remedies to a dog because such remedies contain substances that are extremely toxic to animals.

After these tips, even if you have been able to reduce your dog’s fever, continue to monitor your temperature and body signals. If you have not, or if you are in doubt about whether it has decreased or not, take it to the veterinarian. After all, the welfare of your pet is indispensable, is not it?

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