Tips for My Cat to be More Affectionate

Tips for My Cat to be More Affectionate


Cats are reputed to be independent, indifferent and even suspicious animals, but although they can be this way sometimes, we should not label them, because they can also be very affectionate and tender animals. When they want, of course.

Like people, each animal has its own character and personality. Cats, like dogs and humans, respond depending on the treatment they receive.

Tips for My Cat to be More Affectionate
Tips for My Cat to be More Affectionate

This means that if your cat is a little difficult, the best way to start changing this situation is to improve the relationship with him. Continue reading this article from myfriendlypets where we will give you some tips for your cat to be more affectionate.


If you want to receive affection, you must also give it

As we mentioned earlier, although we are all born with a personality, it is true that it can be shaped with time and effort. In cats, it will depend especially on how you live with the animal, that is, how you treat it.

If your cat is new at home, it is possible that it is strange and uncomfortable. This is totally normal since your pet has to learn to know you, both you and your new home. Changes often cause stress in cats, so don’t be surprised if you see that your cat reacts negatively. Make sure the environment is as comfortable as possible for him.

The basic keys for your cat to be more affectionate, whether he is a new member of the family or not, are three: patience, closeness and lots of love.


The techniques of love and involvement

To make your cat more loving, you will have to change your life dynamics a little. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a little.

In fact, it will be enough to spend quality time and moments with your cat. Take your time, a cat is not an accessory to decorate the house. If you dedicate yourself, your pet can be an excellent and loving companion. Of course, it is not about spending all day with him, but doing things like letting him sleep next to you while watching television or being beside you while sitting on the couch talking to someone on the cell phone.

If you want you can go a little further and let him sleep with you in your bed at night or during the nap after your meal. And speaking of food, invite him to eat at the same time as you, this will be like sharing a table with a friend. From time to time, surprise him with something like a piece of fish and when he comes to you, offer him a caress.


Bear in mind that felines are exceptional animals that like to be looked for and loved . Especially when teaching him how to be more affectionate, you should look for him to caress him and spend time with him. So, another way to get your pet to be more affectionate and, above all, to attract your attention, is to encourage him to play with you. Having fun together, while maintaining pleasant physical contact, gives you confidence and security.


A good helper means more affection

It is not entirely true that cats like solitude. In fact, they are very fond of the company, to feel you close, to know that you are watching them and to make them participate in the routines of the house.

If you call your cat to accompany you and “help”, for example, to make the bed or the room, the animal will gain this habit, and whenever he does, he will surely accompany you. Now, if you don’t pay attention to it and just give it to eat, surely the cat will not be attracted to your company for anything.

If the cat is frightened for any reason and withdraws and hides, it is not advisable to force it out of its comfort zone. Make use of one of the previous basic keys, use your patience and with a soft tone try to calm him down. This is the best way to get him out of hiding.

We must never forget that cats do not learn anything through violence. Treating and punishing him aggressively and disrespectfully will only create a feeling of fear in him and then when he wants to educate him to be affectionate, it will be too late and it will cost even more. If your cat is having a bad behavior or attitude, of course, you should correct it directly, but always in an appropriate way and with the use of positive reinforcement.

The same is true with exaggerated caresses. If you don’t want to pamper, don’t force it, when your cat wants it and it needs it he will ask you. If even after your rejection you continue to treat him with love, you will see how soon he will be purring asking you to hug him.

Most important of all, learn to respect your pet’s space and personality. No matter how hard you try, some cats will always be more affectionate than others.