How to Train a Hamster to Ride on the Swivel Wheel

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How to Train a Hamster to Ride on the Swivel Wheel – Hamsters are fun pets for people of all ages and can have a happy and healthy life if they are well cared for. In addition to a well-balanced diet, plenty of fresh water and plenty of interaction with humans, daily exercise is essential for good health. Specific exercise wheels are appreciated by hamsters, who can run on them for hours at a time. Those who are not very enthusiastic about exercise wheels may be trained to run on them using some encouragement and encouragement.

How to Train a Hamster to Ride on the Swivel Wheel


What do you need?

  • Hamster
  • Exercise Wheel
  • Hamster food pack


How to Train a Hamster to Ride on the Swivel Wheel

  1. Put the exercise wheel in a part of the hamster’s habitat where there is plenty of room to rotate quickly without hitting the walls or anything else inside the small enclosure.
  2. Grab the hamster and place it on the wheel, temporarily blocking its outlets. Any movement he does will make the wheel spin, helping him get accustomed.
  3. Use appropriate foods sold especially for hamsters, such as sunflower seeds or small servings of vegetables or fruits, to persuade you to get into the wheel whenever possible and accustom you as much as the spinning sensation. According to the site “My Hammie”, hamsters can be trained to do various tricks using food as a reward, including standing.
  4. Develop a command word or specific reward system to encourage you to run around the wheel. For example, speaking “spin” every time the hamster starts spinning on the wheel or giving some reward after a spin on the wheel will help you associate exercise with positive stimuli.


Tips & Warnings

  • Exercise wheels that have open metal bars can lead to injury if the foot and leg become stuck while the wheel is in motion. It is best to use an exercise wheel that has a flat base where the hamster runs.

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