What Bird Chirps in the Middle of the Night

What Bird Chirps in the Middle of the Night?


The singing of the birds at night may seem very loud and loud, as it does not have to compete with the noises of the day, in case of traffic. Many birds chirp when the sun rises (the so-called gold of dawn ). For many people, the singing of birds at night may seem irritating to them, but few things can be done except using soft earplugs.

What Bird Chirps in the Middle of the Night


The polyglottos Mimus

This bird called Mimus polyglottos imitates the song that other birds have and sounds that they listen to. The male chirp in order to attract his partner. He often chirps in the neighborhoods, perched on television antennas or in chimneys.

As for its size, it is small, like a robin of big, with the back of medium gray color, the chest of gray color tenuous and with wings in dark gray. It has white spots on its wings and on the edges of the tail that are seen when they are in flight.


The Caprimulgus vociferus

This bird is a nocturnal bird. It means that he wakes up at night and sleeps during the day. Chirp especially at sunset aloud. It lives in the forest and it is not easy to see when its color mixes with the surroundings. Flora in the air next to the nest if an intruder approaches, showing the white tips of their feathers on the tail. It also nests on the ground and feeds on insects.



The Catharus guttatus

It is more commonly called “hermit thrush”. It belongs to the family of the turdidos who are very famous for how well they are given to chirp. He usually chirps at dusk or at night. We speak of a migratory bird that lives in Alaska, Canada, and the western and northeastern United States. In the same way, winter passes south of the USA and a little further south. The forest is their habitat and is small, brown and white with a spotted chest.


The American Robin

In the cities, birds often chirp during the night in the breeding season. The researchers found that in the case of the American robin, the cause lies in urban light pollution. All this is possible because birds confuse the high levels of artificial light with the sunrise.

There have been other investigations in the United Kingdom and in Europe that have shown a relationship between urban noise pollution and nighttime singing. It is said that the birds may not have competed with the background noise in the city during daylight hours.