What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?


Bettas are known to be hardy fish, but the type of water you put them has a great effect on your health and well-being.

Most people think that because they are kept in such small containers in the store, they do not require the same level of quality water as other fish.

That thought is very, very bad.


What kind of water for Betta fish?

There are some options when it comes to betta water, but they all require slightly different care before they are ready.

Tap water for Betta Fish?

Tap water is the easiest and most accessible option. You may be a little surprised to hear that tap water is really good for Bettas, but only after removing some of the added chemicals.

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?
What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

Most of the water that comes out of the tap is treated with chemicals such as chlorine so that the water is safe to drink; However, they can be very harmful to a Betta.

If you choose to use tap water, you should treat it with a water conditioner that removes chemicals from the water in seconds. Once you remove chlorine and other metals, tap water is really good for Bettas.

It contains many of the nutrients that Bettas needs to survive. In addition, you can easily obtain water at the right temperature using a thermometer and mixing hot and cold.

Springwater for Betta Fish?

Another option is spring water. This is really similar to tap water, only it has no chlorine to worry about. As long as the pH is appropriate, spring water is an excellent option.

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?
What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

Springwater is also relatively inexpensive, you and your gallons buy it at the supermarket for only a few dollars.

If you keep it in the same room as the tank, you can be relatively sure that they are at the same temperature, which makes water changes much easier.

And, because they come in a gallon container, you know exactly how much water you are depositing in the tank.

Specific Betta water?

Another option you’ll see at the pet store is Betta’s specific water.

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?
What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

The special thing about this water is that it has been conditioned exactly to help Bettas thrive. The pH is correct and there are no harmful chemicals or metals.

This water is not necessary and is a bit expensive, but if you don’t want to worry about conditioning yours, it is an option.

Distilled water for Betta fish?

Is there water you shouldn’t use? Currently, yes.

It is a good idea to stay away from distilled water. Distilled water is collected from steam and loses all minerals and nutrients during processing.

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?
What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

It is pure water, but your Betta also needs the nutrients that the other types of water provide. If you use distilled water, your Betta may be lethargic and eventually die.

Well water for Betta Fish?

Well, water is another that is doubtful. If you live in a rural area, you probably depend on well water.

This water has not been treated at all and, therefore, may have many contaminants that are harmful to your Betta.

What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?
What is the Best Water for a Betta Fish?

If you want your water well to be analyzed, you can usually take a sample to the pet store and they will do it for you.

Then, they can also tell you the chemicals you need to properly treat the water to make it safe for Betta.

What is the best water for Betta fish?

The best water for Bettas is the Betta water that you will find in a pet store. The reason is simple, it is because it has actually been specifically formulated for Bettas.

That said, it is certainly not necessary to use Betta water. It is expensive, especially in the long term. One way to use Betta water effectively is to start your tank with it. When you get home for the first time at the pet store with your new Betta and your aquarium, also get some Betta water.

Then, use another type of water when it’s time to make water changes. This way, you have a good base to start and you can start your aquarium correctly.

If you do not want to use Betta water, tap water or spring water is excellent. However, remember that each one requires a different type of preparation.

With tap water, be sure to get a water conditioner that removes chlorine and other metals in the water. These are bad for your Betta, but the minerals and nutrients that remain are really beneficial.

As for spring water, you don’t have to worry about chlorine because there isn’t any. What you need to check is the pH. Bettas prefer a pH of 7, but all spring water is not the same.

Once you find a brand that has the correct pH, it is likely to be a safe bet and you can follow it. That said, you should still try each bottle just to be sure.


You might think that Bettas can tolerate anything since they live in those small containers in the pet store, but that is not the case. Bettas are really sensitive to a lot of pollutants and you should be very careful with the type of water you use.

Luckily, you have many options. While you should avoid distilled water and well water that has not been analyzed, tap water and spring water are two excellent options.

With tap water, be sure to get conditioning drops to remove chlorine from water and other metal contaminants. If you go with spring water, make sure the pH is correct. Bettas needs a pH around 7 and the spring water varies from one brand to another.

Bettas are beautiful fish that are often misunderstood. In nature, bettas survive in harsh conditions during the dry season, but that is not the reason why they should not have an aquarium full of the best water. If you want to see your Betta prosper, be sure to give him all the opportunities to do so, starting with the best water.