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What is the Gestation Period for a Cat?


What is the Gestation Period for a Cat? As with humans, animals need a whole preparation during pregnancy to receive future children as healthy as possible. In particular domesticated pets demand more attention and depend even more on their families. During cat gestation, it is necessary to know how long it lasts, how to act during the process and what will happen after birth.

The changes in the daily and the body of the pregnant cat implies in a series of adaptations, that can be quiet or not depending on each animal. In order for cat gestation to be milder and healthier, the veterinarian’s role is essential and must follow all this newness closely. To know everything on the subject, check out some tips.

What is the Gestation Period for a Cat

What is the Gestation Period for a Cat?

But first, it is necessary to make clear some rules regarding the crossing between male and female. In addition to knowing if the cat is in health to become pregnant, the choice of the male influences a lot. Make sure he has all vaccinations and if the size is compatible – so that the puppies do not grow too deep inside the belly and cause complications. In case the pregnancy appears unexpectedly the follow-up at the doctor is even more important.


How to know if the cat is pregnant

It is not always easy to identify the cat’s pregnancy, but some signs and changes may help. Usually, the behavior and personality of the pet go through transformations. If since the last heat, a few weeks ago, she has been more reserved and arrogant, take into account.

The body also feels this process. The nipples look more swollen because of the milk as well as pink. The belly gets bigger than normal and gradually the pussy becomes more lethargic, quiet and with less disposition to play.


Diagnosis and time of gestation

Well less than in the case of humans and even dogs, cat gestation usually lasts between 60 and 65 days at most. The animal should be taken to the veterinarian early on for advice.

Ultrasonography is the best resource for closely tracking pup growth. But it can only be done after 25 days of pregnancy. It is useful to evaluate how long she is pregnant and the health of the fetuses. The number of kittens inside the belly is indicated by the radiograph of the abdomen, allowed after 45 days – useful to know how many puppies still have to be born in the case of normal delivery.


Care during pregnancy

More than a quiet environment, the cat needs to feel welcomed and loved by the human family. During these two months, the owner must be her safe haven and learn to deal with more cranky and reserved behavior. This is not to say that you like the tutor less, it just goes through many hormonal changes.

The feeding and treatment given by the family are determinants for the cat’s health. It should ingest the maximum of nutrients and vitamins and eating little is far from good. After all, it eats by several other living beings and needs a lot of energy, besides ensuring a good formation to the fill holes. It is best to ask the veterinarian for tips on the most suitable foods, but it is usually recommended to give a baby ration to the expectant mother during this time.



The birth

No need to despair at birth. Most of the work is left to the very nature of the animal kingdom, but it is necessary to support and take some care at the time of birth.

However, how do you realize that the puppies are wanting to meet the outside world? The pet’s own body will signal. Usually, the uterus descends and stays in the lower part of the belly. In addition, it appears a yellow or greenish liquid, released by the vagina, which, added to the abdominal contractions, form a favorable picture to be born.

You should always be well fed and drink plenty of water, especially hours before birth because during childbirth it is common for a cat to lose its appetite and become even more lethargic. If you have not eaten for a long time, the tutor should try to give a little of the ration, at least for it not to be weak and without nutrients. After all, you will need the strength to remove your puppies.
A maternity box where the kitten feels comfortable and can stay with her puppies is a good idea. It is important for the pet to have their own space and to feel in a safe and clean place. The size should be compatible with that of the animal and sufficient to group all babies, besides being high relative to the ground. Also, put a blanket to feel protected and at ease.


As it leaks a lot of blood from the pregnant cat’s body (and of the puppies, of course) leave some towels prepared for the procedure. Delivery takes a few hours and complications can occur. So, notify a 24-hour veterinary clinic or have an easy veterinary contact for any emergency.

The common process is the total delivery lasts no more than two hours, counting from the beginning of the contractions to the exit of the puppies. If that time goes by and birth does not occur, it is best to choose the cesarean section and run to the veterinarian in order to avoid the risk of mother and baby life. In fact, as soon as the guardian realizes that the cat is exhausted and has no strength for the procedure (even in less than two hours) he can go to the clinic.

Not all cats are old enough and old enough to be alone with the birth. Therefore, the presence of a person to help her becomes more important. In this case, it is necessary to remove the placenta (which groups the puppies), the umbilical cord and the ligature. However, it is best for the veterinarian to do this to avoid further complications.



After the puppies are born, it is ideal for the cat to have the proper space to stay with them. Gradually she cleans and offers milk to them. The role of the guardian involves the guarantee of food, affection, and comfort to the babies to have a good development. Remember also to guarantee all vaccines to them to prevent a series of diseases.

Also, even if cat gestation has not been planned, never maltreated the kittens. If you can not keep them, look for someone who wants them or donates them to an NGO.