When do Squirrels have Babies?

When do Squirrels have Babies? 1
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When do Squirrels have Babies?

At what time of the year are the squirrel’s cubs born?

The grey squirrel has two breeding periods per year: the first in early spring and the second in the middle of the summer. In general, the first litter is born between the months of March and April, and the second litter in the months of July or August. Females give birth to a litter of one to nine pups at a time, although the mean range is three to five pups. During the first five to eight weeks of growth, the pups are completely dependent on their mother, and they stay close to the nest during this period.

When do Squirrels have Babies
When do Squirrels have Babies?

Access to Homes

New mothers are looking for protected areas to raise their pups, since nests in trees they use most of the year expose pups to predators. It is during these periods that squirrels often move close to houses, sometimes moving behind walls or attics, sheds and chimneys.

If the owners find young squirrels in the attic, they probably have not been abandoned. It is more likely that the mother left the premises to find food. After weaning, the little ones start venturing with their mother to find more natural shelters. This is an important point to remember if you try to block the access point. If there are small ones that are locked inside, they will not only die, but the mother would furiously try to rescue them, which could result in damage to the structure.

Trapping and disposal

Mothers are very protective of their offspring, and they can attack if the pups are threatened. The situation becomes more complicated because young squirrels do not fear human beings, and they can initiate contact by approaching people and climbing on their trousers. The most effective way to control young squirrels and their parents is to communicate with professionals. Orkin Canada’s Wildlife control specialists have the experience and knowledge to remove these harmful organisms from your home and property safely.

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