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Where do Frogs go in Winter?


Where do Frogs go in Winter – There are about 30 species of frogs. The most common among them are the wooden frog, the Frog Leopard, and frog. They differ in shape, size, and color.

The smallest living in trees, they have dimensions not exceeding 2.5 cm long leopard frog varies 5-10 cm from bullfrog can have a length of 20 cm and 25 cm from the legs. The Adult Bull Frog is painted dark green or brown color, through which well camouflaged in the muddy margin and between the algae.

Where do Frogs go in Winter


What do frogs do in the winter?

What happens to the frogs in the winter? In the north, with the beginning of the cold season, the frogs dive in the pond, and in winter there, buried in the mud. They can also spend the winter in burrows in the banks of soft soil or hide under rocks.


Frogs are amphibians, cold-blooded creatures that can live on earth and water. Taking a cold ambient temperature, they don’t need much oxygen and nutrition. Oxygen required goes to the frogs through the skin.