Are Dogs Allowed in the Mall? Tips for Taking Dog to the Mall

Are Dogs Allowed in the Mall? Tips for Taking Dog to the Mall


When they spend a lot of time away from their pet, some tutors like to explore other opportunities to enjoy moments alongside the dog. In this sense, taking the dog to the mall can be a good option for walking on the weekend or when you need to buy something on site.

In addition to being an alternative to rainy days, they provide a different experience for dogs, full of visual, sound, and interesting odoriferous stimuli.

Are Dogs Allowed in the Mall? Tips for Taking Dog to the Mall
Are Dogs Allowed in the Mall? Tips for Taking Dog to the Mall

Precisely due to the excess of stimuli, however, the walk is not recommended for all dogs. Below, check out some tips and care, and know if you can take a dog to the mall.

When shopping is not recommended

Not all dogs benefit from shopping trips. Dogs that have not been properly socialized, for example, can cause problems with other regulars.

Even if they do not present offensive attitudes, dogs that are not accustomed to excessive movement can also become anxious and cornered. In both cases, avoid taking the dog to the mall until such feelings and behaviors have been minimized.

Finally, Dr. Louise says that the smooth floor found in most dog-accepting malls can be harmful to dogs. This occurs mainly with those with a predisposition or who already have some bone or joint disease.

If this is your friend’s situation, prefer to walk with him in safer flooring locations or bet on rubberized outsole shoes. According to the veterinarian, as long as they are of the right size, they are a great option to minimize the risk.

Get to know the pet care before and after the tour

For the tour to be more enjoyable for you and the pet, it is essential to plan before leaving home. Search for information and remember to bring some basic items in your bag.


Upon arrival at the dog mall, keep an eye on your friend and be careful not to break the rules of the establishment. To help you, we’ve come up with some tips:

Before I left home…

  1. Know the rules of the place where you want to walk. It’s not all malls that accept pets. So search which mall accepts dogs.

Among pet-friendly locations, the rules may vary with regard to the size of the pet and the possibility of walking with it on the leash. Some locations require the dog to remain on a guardian’s lap at all times or in the dog walking bag. This can hinder your on-site activities.

It is worth noting that pets are generally not allowed in food courts or restaurants.

  1. Check if the vaccination of the pet is up to days. Despite being a cleaner environment compared to the street, the fact that the mall is quite frequented makes it subject to the transmission of diseases.

In time, do not walk with the pet in the mall if he or she has delayed vaccines or has not been vaccinated (as in the case of puppies).

  1. Check that protection against ectoparasites is still active. Because it is frequented by other animals, the mall is a place where it is possible to occur infestation by ectoparasites.

When administering antiparasitic tablets for the first time, remember that the product may take a few hours to fall into the bloodstream and take effect. So consider the time of effect to take the dog to the mall.

  1. Give preference to the less busy times. As much as your dog is used to the stimuli found in the mall, the walk is usually quieter and more profitable at the less frequented times. Good examples are in the morning or on weekdays.
  2. Don’t forget to bring some essentials. Before leaving the house, put in the bag some important accessories not to get in trouble, such as a big bag, a portable water cooler, and a collar with a guide.

During the tour…

  1. Keep the pet on the leash at all times. Besides being a rule in almost all establishments, this is essential so that your friend does not get lost or end up getting into trouble.
  2. Clean and collect the “cacas” from your pet. As in walks in open areas, have a citizen attitude and collect your dog’s feces in the mall using big bags. For pee, a tip is to take two clean toilet mats and use them to absorb the liquid.

With some care, walking around the mall with the dog can be a lot of fun.