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More than 300 Different Dog Names!


When adopting a new four-legged friend, one of the best decisions is choosing the name, especially when we want to be creative and choose a different option, but that matches the personality of the tutor and the pet. Thinking about it, a good idea is to think of different dog names.

More than 300 Different Dog Names!

More than 300 Different Dog Names!

This is a way for the pet to be successful wherever it goes. After all, it is quite funny to be in the park and hear someone calling the dog by a nickname like Tiktok or Tereza Cristina.

For this reason, we have prepared a list with several different names for dog and dog that will surely inspire you when choosing. Who knows, you may not leave here with a defined name?

How to choose the dog name?

Although it is quite fun to choose different dog names, this task is hard work. That’s because we want to make sure that that is the best option. After all, the puppy will have the same name for life.

So, think carefully before choosing and ask the family’s opinion. Also, ask your kids or children what different dog names they like, as the young ones are super creative and are always full of ideas.


Besides, children are better than us thinking about different names for male and female dogs, since imagination is one of the main tools of the little ones! Also because they have a special love for dogs, it will certainly be easy to ask for a suggestion.

Another tip is to make a list with the top 5 of the best suggestions. And as the dog rejects or accepts, you will be able to have an idea of ​​what best fits the pet.

Also think of names that have to do with what you like, for example drawings, characters from literature, smartphone apps, soap opera characters, etc. There are endless options for different dog names!

Different dog name options

If despite the tips on how to choose a dog name you find it difficult to choose, don’t worry! We have prepared a complete list with fun dog names that will surely inspire you!

Different names for male dog

  • Domino, Bovespa, Senator;
  • Tool, Engineer, K-pop;
  • Literature, Outsider, Cangaço, Lampião;
  • Chief, Consecrated, Canadian, Capixaba;
  • Merchant, Kleber, Samurai, Sergipe;
  • Gaucho, Moreno, Centavo, Check, Rest;
  • Hunger, Cartoon, Magnet, Volume, Issue;
  • Capricorn, Doll, Dirt, Shuttlecock;
  • Chewbacca, Yoda, Partner, Naldo, Natasha;
  • Washington, Ronaldinho, Clover, Thunder, Storm;
  • Prism, Flounder, Dracula, Lolita;
  • Education, Optimus, Manuel;
  • Xica, Chorão, Soldado, Ivonete;
  • Northeast, Macaxeira, Paraíso, Saudade;
  • Predator, Pliny, Vinyl, Shirt 10, Goalkeeper;
  • Miau, Mega-Sena, Forbes, Folha de São Paulo;
  • Uol, Train, Crocodile, Chestnut, Woodpecker;
  • Severino, Francisco, Tarzan, Tarantino;
  • Shark, Yacht, Iago, Hortência, Celeste;
  • Geography, Portuguese, Linguistics;
  • Tampinha, Ulisses, Lutero, Oxalá;
  • Pestinha, Andrea, Dorivaldo, Laughter, José;
  • Jaçanã, Kiko, Lispector, Zenaide, Constantino;
  • Veneno, Brutus, Breno, Benjamim, Novela;
  • Comadre, Lawyer, Monteiro, Marisol,
  • Exhibited, Stuck, Marvelous.
  • Compact, Vini, JP, Biel;
  • Friend, Compadre, Pimpão;
  • Teddy, Panda, Chinchilla, Kiwi;
  • Alpaca, Lóris, Sloth, Penguin;
  • Carlito, Pinino, Tarsier, Golfinho;
  • Pistachio, Pocket, Belo, Fido;
  • Inácio, Pedrinho, Miado, Leão;

Different names for female dog

  • Charming, Elegant, Pinup, Goddess, Aphrodite;
  • Cat, Gigi, Nana, Dori, Dorothy;
  • Maria Eduarda, Ava, Nanda;
  • Dandara, Tiana, Pedrita, Cherry tree;
  • Rihanna, Claudete, Monalisa, Frida;
  • Calista, Tired, Vintage, President;
  • Secretary, Doctor, Gucci;
  • Versace, Prada, Music, Meredith;
  • Marilyn, Mathematics, Sassy, ​​Windows;
  • Duda, Quartz, Pearl, Precious;
  • Diamond, Felicia, Xica, Uma, Dominique;
  • Wanda, Cinderella, Polly, Poliana;
  • Pocket, Ella, Carmen, Gio;
  • Tina, Bia, Rosinha, Magali;
  • Georgina, Maria, Lola, Venice;
  • Blackberry, Tweety, Snow White, Little Hat;
  • Xodó, Dengosa, Petit, Cute;
  • Liu, Lana, Luna, Luma, Sandy;
  • Penélope, Catarina, Miu-Miu, Maia;
  • Lia, Lisbela, Flor, Girassol, Drums;
  • Sheep, Daisy, Lilac, Lilac,
  • Le lis, Lilo, Boo, Suzy, Luci, Jujube.

Female dog name inspired by stylists

  • Vivienne, Donatella, Stella, Coco, Naomi;
  • Diane, Frida, Miuccia, Heidi, Wang;
  • Elsa, Jeanne, Wintour, Elle, Harper, Glenda,
  • Samantha, Laura, Lee, Regina, Alt.

Male and female dog names inspired by the 90s

  • Macarena, Raimundo, Skank, Sabotage;
  • Christina, Patrick, Angelica, Doug;
  • Sweetie, Florzinha, Lindinha, Arnold;
  • Bart, Marge, Pikachu, Courage, Vegeta;
  • Gohan, Sailor, Pumbaa, Tintin;
  • Bender, Pinky, Brain, Hercules;
  • Cher, Tyler, Edward;
  • Jeremy, Nirvana, Wannabe, Oasis;
  • Alanis, Roxette, Cranberry, Bjork;
  • Sixpence, Californication, Red Hot;
  • Bono, Britney, Billy Ray, Vogue, Madonna,
  • Scorpion, Thalía, Radiohead.

Technologies inspired male and female dog names

  • 5G, Photoshop, Torrent, Twitter;
  • Smartwatch, Orkut, Adobe, Moodle;
  • Whatsapp, Google, Wi-Fi, Direct;
  • Tumblr, Waze, SMS, Netflix, Kindle;
  • Siri, Intel, iFood, Hangouts, Apple;
  • Bluetooth, Spotify, Excel, Smartphone,
  • Microsoft, WinRAR, Playstation.

After checking out different dog names, visit the myfriendlypets blog, and see other fun suggestions! Thus, there is no need to break your head thinking about nicknames.