Can a Betta Fish Live with a Goldfish?

Can a Betta Fish Live with a Goldfish?


There are many reasons why the Betta fish and fish D orated (goldfish) should not live together.

While you may have heard stories about these two species that live together in harmony.

The truth is that there is more than that if they get along or not.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Betta fish can’t live with Goldfish.


Can a Betta Fish live with a Goldfish?

Can a Betta Fish Live with a Goldfish?
Can a Betta Fish Live with a Goldfish?


Bettas are known to be aggressive, but goldfish are similar in size and actually grow to be much larger than bettas, so they are likely to stay away.

Goldfish, on the other hand, likes to pinch the flippers that agitate the Betta who also likes to pinch. It is simply not a good combination.

Cleaning and Filtration.

As for cleaning, these two fish could not be more different. Bettas are generally clean and do not respond well to dirty water with high levels of ammonia.

On the other hand, goldfish produce a large amount of waste that can cause ammonia levels to rise rapidly.

Goldfish require frequent water changes and a fairly powerful filter to keep ammonia levels low. Frequent water changes are actually very stressful for a Betta and prefer a soft filter to one with high performance.

Water temperature

One of the main differences between these two fish is that bettas are tropical. They need water between 78 and 80 degrees F.

Goldfish prefer colder water no hotter than 75 degrees F and even as seasonal variations that submerge until 60 in the winter.

A goldfish would not survive the warm temperatures a Betta needs and vice versa.


If a goldfish is kept in water that is too hot, it will get stressed and be more prone to parasites, diseases and other conditions.

One of the most common is Bladder Disease when they swim upside down, which leads to exhaustion and other health problems.

Bettas kept in water that is too cold are also stressed and prone to parasites and diseases. Their activity also slows down significantly and it will be more and more likely that they simply sit around the tank instead of their usual activity.


Although they are sold in small plastic containers at pet stores, Bettas should be kept in 5 to 10 gallon tanks with a large area. The air really swallows the surface from time to time.

As for goldfish, it is a common mistake to think that they can live in a small bowl. Goldfish really require a lot of space, ideally 20 gallons for a single goldfish.

They are destined to grow quite large, some can reach a foot long! – and it needs a lot of space to reach its full potential.

Betta Fish and Goldfish: Not a good match

You may have heard stories or videos of Betta fish and goldfish living together and acting like best friends, but there are many reasons why these two fish cannot live in the same tank.

Both species can be aggressive at times and they are likely to pinch each other’s fins. Eventually, the goldfish will grow significantly larger than the Betta and will take the lead.

In addition to their incompatible temperaments, they are basically complete opposites when it comes to everything else.

Bettas like warm water, goldfish like cold. The bettas are clean, the goldfish are messy. Bettas like calm water, goldfish require a powerful filter. Bettas like 5 to 10-gallon tanks with a large surface area, goldfish require at least 20 gallons.

It is not easy to find a tank mate for a Betta and, in fact, it is often better to leave them alone. That said, there are other species that fit well with a goldfish. By finding the best tank mates, everyone will be happy.