Does the Dirty Aquarium Hurt the Fish?

Does the Dirty Aquarium Hurt the Fish?


Those who have fish at home must have come across the water a little cloudy in a few moments. In addition to the rather unpleasant visual impact, the whitish color can be a sign of accumulation of impurities. What remains to be done is whether the dirty aquarium can do harm to the fish or not.

Does the Dirty Aquarium Hurt the Fish?
Does the Dirty Aquarium Hurt the Fish?

This text is for you, who is a tutor to a goldfish and is looking for guidance on how to keep the environment healthy for him. Let’s clarify once and for all whether or not dirty water is one of the reasons for the illness and death of your little friend of scales, in addition to explaining how to leave the water of the crystalline aquarium.

How to leave aquarium water translucent

We have prepared a list of ways to avoid the aquarium with cloudy water. Remember that by doing maintenance, you will be preventing bacteria that leave water in this state from reproducing wildly.

1 – Clean the aquarium

The tip to cleaning the aquarium is to remove daily from the water the visible residues: plant residues, pieces of fish feed, dead fish, etc. Watch out for the corners to leave no accumulated dirt.

Pay close attention to decomposition animals that may be forgotten when doing maintenance, because they can favor the rotting of water. That’s all you don’t want to happen!

2 – Choose the right filter

The right filter is one that makes mechanical, biological, and chemical filtering of aquarium water. Pay attention to the filter flow and flow, which is 5 to 10 times the volume of the aquarium. Above all, the filter needs to be suitable for your aquarium.

3 – Complete cycling

This process is done to ensure the balance of the ecosystem from the growth of good bacteria. Gradually, during cycling, the water is no longer cloudy.

The best time to do cycling is before using the container. It needs to be empty, without water and without fish, however, nothing prevents the procedure from being done with it in use. Here’s how to cycle on specialized sites.

4 – Check the ammonia level in the water

To leave the crystal clear water, test the amount of ammonia and nitrite in the water before, during, and after treatment. These elements need to be disposed of so that the water is completely clean.

After all, is the dirty aquarium bad for fish?

Now that we teach you how to eliminate cloudy water, you will never again have the unpleasant feeling of dirt in the house. But is dirty water harmful just to us, who like clean environments, or does it affect fish as well?


One of the main causes of fish mortality is low water quality. Fish rely on water to breathe, feed and reproduce. That is, water is fundamental to its survival, so it needs to be in good condition.

However, until you reach the extreme of death, the fish gives signs, making excessive jumps, for example. This behavior is nothing more than fish trying to change the environment. So if this occurs, check for ammonia and nitrite in the water. If so, it means that the water is polluted.

As stated above, one of the ways to check water quality is by testing the water pollution level. Values greater than 0.25 show that it is necessary to part exchange the water to reduce the problem.

What to do in case the fish gets sick?

If the test and the appearance of the water confirm the dirty aquarium, it is important to be aware of the health of the fish, even after cleaning your home. The animal may have been affected by infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and the presence of parasites.

The best thing to do is to take him to the vet, and the professional will know how to identify possible symptoms of diseases caused by water pollution. If any disease is confirmed, you will receive all instructions to start the proper treatment and everything will be fine with your pet fish.

Learn about other harmful factors for aquarium fish

For the fish, being in a dirty aquarium is living at imminent risk of death, but there are other factors that can threaten the health of the little animal. Shall we talk about this next?

Stop to think: do you usually give a lot of food to your fish? If so, change this habit immediately, otherwise, you will have serious problems. When the food is offered in excess, the fish will not be able to eat everything and the remains will be deposited in the bottom. These remains decomposition, releasing ammonia, and the consequence is chemical poisoning.

Another worrying point is the presence of other fish in the same location. Some breeds do not tolerate the presence of another animal or, in some cases, of fish of the same sex, as is the case of male betta. War can be installed and aggressive behavior can hurt or even kill the opponent.

Now that you know that the dirty aquarium can, yes, be harmful to the fish, as well as other factors, make sure that doesn’t happen.