Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries?


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries – Culmination, who doesn’t love them? In particular when we speak me approximately these antioxidant wealthy berries. Who can withstand blueberries? Might your bushy puppy experience them too? Can guinea pigs eat blueberries? Allow’s discover the solution to that.

We recognize how terrific blueberries are in a scrumptious dessert or even on their very own, however, can you supply them to your pet? Are blueberries excellent for the fitness of your pet or do they have got the capacity to cause some surprising fitness issues?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries


Can guinea pigs eat blueberries – only in moderation

Blueberries are considered to be a great food for people, however, does this principle observe to our cavy buddies too? They are high in vitamin c, that is super for guinea pigs considering they may be not capable of synthesizing this nutrition on their own. The drawback, much like in the case of another fruit is they contain a big quantity of sugar.

Guinea pigs can eat blueberries, however most effective care. Maintain in mind the truth that despite the fact that they are rich in vitamin c, those berries do contain a whole lot of sugar and may create numerous health troubles in your puppy if fed in excess.

Every other aspect you need to hold in thoughts is that guinea pigs can be pretty persuasive. What does this suggest? It approaches that due to the fact that they’re so cute, they could without difficulty persuade their proprietor into giving them more of the food they like. We are speaking me approximately candies right here, those treats that ought to accept carefully. Puppy proprietors, but, want to discover ways to be disciplined on this location and now not to fall into the lure in their cuteness.

The entirety has to be achieved sparsely, specifically with regards to the food you’re giving on your guinea pig. One of the pleasant matters you may do to your cavies is to ensure that they have the excellent hay they may chunk on and that the sparkling water is continually available for them. The diet c-fortified pellets must additionally be present and after that, you could begin considering giving them other treats, including blueberries.

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Nutrition information of blueberries

To get more records in this place, we notion that it is probably beneficial if you may have a clean photo of the dietary values these small end results contain:

I cup of blueberries contain:

  • Energy: 84
  • Total fat zero-g
  • Dietary Fiber 4 g (14 %)
  • Sugars 15 g
  • Protein 1 g
  • General Carbohydrate 21 g (7 %)
  • Vitamin c 14 g (24 %)
  • Vitamin k 28 mcg (36 %)
  • Ldl cholesterol zero mg

They contain a few dietary fiber, but additionally sugar. They may be low in proteins, fat, diet a, nutrition b2, diet b1, nutrition b5, nutrition b3, diet b9, nutrition b6 and nutrition e. On the other hand, they’re wealthy in vitamin okay, nutrition c, and manganese. Blueberries additionally contain small traces of all critical minerals, which include zinc, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and iron.

There aren’t any awesome quantities of fats and phosphorus and there are, genuinely, no longer even small amounts of oxalate acid. That is awesome, as this compound can combine with calcium and shape stones on your little buddy’s body. But, blueberries contain a variety of sugar, which can be bad for your pet if you are feeding him these end result excessively. That’s why the satisfactory piece of advice we can come up with is to feed this deal with reasonably.


Health benefits of blueberries

Laboratory animal research has shown that blueberries help with cognitive benefits, eye fitness, cardiovascular health, and anti-most cancers benefits (breast, colon, esophageal, and small intestine cancers).

Researchers have concluded that you could without problems freeze fresh blueberries without adverse their anthocyanin antioxidants. It’s exceptional to freeze them at zero°f (-17°c) or decrease for three-6 months. The latest research has shown no terrific reducing of general antioxidant content. But, avoid giving your pet frozen blueberries. Just thaw them first. Frozen ingredients, in well known, are not recommended for guinea pigs. Their digestive gadget is touchy and cold foods may additionally lead to diarrhea or upset belly.

For instance, the first-rate thing you may do is to feed blueberries to your puppy handiest once or perhaps two times every week. This manner, you will be capable of lower the possibilities of your cavy getting any conditions resulting from the high amount of sugar they contain. Additionally, considering the fact that blueberries are small fruits, you don’t want to cut them, you could supply them complete for your pet to experience them.

You may also feed the one that you love guinea pig dried blueberries, but you must recognize that, in this example, the restrict is even greater. They incorporate even more sugar than the uncooked ones, so the hassle is double. Make certain you will no longer make a dependency out of this and give your piggy dried blueberries most effective as soon as in a blue moon.



Coming lower back to the authentic query, sure guinea pigs can devour blueberries. They sincerely are allowed to eat blueberries as long as you manage the quantity. Couple blueberries every week might be enough. Moderation is prime here. Furthermore, be careful with dried blueberries since those have a high sugar content that is dangerous for your cavy buddies. It’s great to stay away from those treats.

Blueberries can be fine and sweet treats to provide your puppy every so often. They’ll maximum probable love these tiny end result, however, this doesn’t imply your cavies have to be getting as lots as they would need to. Moreover, continually introduce new meals step by step and examine your cavies couple hours after feeding new meals. If your guinea pig’s stool will become soft or he reviews diarrhea, prevent feeding him blueberries without delay.