How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig


How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig  – Guinea pigs would possibly well be the gentlest of all pets. Happiest in small organizations, these rodents are sensitive but fairly smooth to take care of.

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, also referred to as “cavies,” are rotund rodents from south the usa. They’re affectionate and mild, and properly-acceptable for families with youngsters. But, as authentic herbivores which are very low on the food chain, they ought to be kept away from dogs, cats, ferrets, and rats.

Also, they cannot soar extra than a couple inches into the air. Make sure they’re not in risk of falling off the edges of tables, beds, stairways, or other dangers.

Vital system

Guinea pigs don’t want lots device:

  • A cage or hutch
  • Pet-service
  • Meals and water dishes
  • Bedding
  • Nail trimmers and a broom
  • A secure piece of fruit wooden to chunk
  • A hidey hut to complete the photograph.


Cavies have to now not use exercising wheels. Ever. Exercise wheels bring about broken backs, injured feet, and typically dangerous guinea pigs. Forget about the picture of the adorable wheel at the cavy cages.

As a substitute, offer a clear bit of floor for the guinea pigs to just run around. You may even don’t forget a play pen or an empty plastic wading pool. Some human beings have even started out teaching their guinea pigs to jump over very brief toy horse oxers.


Cavies are messy. Be prepared for them to foul their meals and water dishes. A water bottle held on the aspect of the enclosure is a great again-up for the water bowl.

Fresh grass hay ought to be available at all times, and good timothy-grass-based guinea pig pellets must be the main part of your pet’s meals. Why timothy especially? Your different preference is normally alfalfa, that is plenty too excessive in calcium. Fresh veggies together with carrots, broccoli leaves, and radish vegetables will spherical out the weight-reduction plan. Vitamin c dietary supplements are a wise precaution, because the diet c within the pellets loses its efficiency quick. Really put the diet complement at the greens or pellets.



The nails on all of the toes need to be trimmed regularly, every month or so. Many human beings use nail clippers which can be designed for human beings, for this reason. For the first trim, it is often easiest to take the piggy to the vet, and have the vet or technician reveal the proper method. In fact, a few human beings take their cavies to the vet for each trim.

Guinea pigs have fur coats. Those coats need to be brushed. How frequently this brushing is wanted will depend on what form of guinea pig you have. The excellent lengthy-haired peruvians want to be brushed a couple of times a day. The alternative, a whole lot-shorter-haired breeds are brushed much less regularly. A “completing” brush meant for show cats of the suitable fur length is quite probable the quality equipment for this project. A great comb will also be wanted, mainly for the peruvians.

Home surroundings

Cavies neither climb nor jump very high, and so their enclosures do not want to be covered. So long as the partitions are at the least 10″/25″ tall, the guinea pig will now not get out. To keep away from harm to the sensitive feet, the floor should be strong plastic. Maximum industrial cavy cages are a great deal too small. The piggy needs sufficient room to run and dig within the bedding. 10″x20″/25cm x 50cm in line with cavy is virtually the naked minimal, in phrases of floor space.

Provide masses of bedding. The satisfactory and safest bedding is product of shredded paper. It’s going to need to be changed every day, to keep a healthful environment. In any other case, the bedding will be soaked with urine and rotting veggies. Do not use softwood shavings along with pine or cedar, because the oils from these woods are very dangerous on your pet’s lungs.

A guinea pig “hidey hut” is a pleasing addition to the enclosure, as it gives the piggy a place to cover when he feels anxious. He probable gained’t spend lots time in it.

Top air flow is vital, particularly in warm weather. These animals do great at temperatures under 80f/27c. On very hot days, it’s an amazing concept to place a few ice at one quit of the enclosure. Of direction, take into account that those little guys are rodents: make sure that regardless of the ice is in, it’s far secure to bite.


Other than the mini-leaping mentioned earlier than, there’s little or no education wanted for a cavy. Handle the animal lightly and frequently, and he might be a happy and gentle accomplice.

In which to next?

Guinea pigs are delightful pets that experience the employer of their human beings and in their fellow guinea pigs. If you have determined that they may be the right addition in your family, your next steps are to locate a veterinarian who has experience with rodents, to stock up on guinea pig meals, and to installation your cavy enclosure. You then’re geared up to undertake some cute little rodents. Take a look at out your local shelters and rescues!