How to Care Guppy Fish

7 Types of Guppy Fish


Guppy fish is a type of freshwater fish found in the waters of lakes and rivers including the fish that is easy to adapt to the environment. These fish can also survive in brackish water that has high levels of salt

Guppy fish lovers are very popular because of its beautiful, guppy fishtail almost similar with a fish betta. In addition, the reconciler and the guppy fish can put some tail in one container.

The famous guppy fish types in world there are Guppy fish Red Dragon, Cobra Guppy, Guppy, Guppy Japan Metallic Blue Guppy fish, Blue Fish, an Albino Guppy the Moscow Red Lace Snakeskin, Guppy German Platinum Crown Tail and much more.

Guppy fish international trade has a variety of unique colour. Guppy fish included in the family poeciliidae, tiny fish, measuring up to 5 cm. Size of guppy fish looks great because of guppy fish tail width and length. The results of an intensive guppy cross will generate a unique grade that can be sold is very high.


1. Young Pair Champion Purple

Young Pair Champion Purple

The most expensive type of guppy fish and the prettiest guppy fish is the first young pair champion purple. Hear the name alone already seen just how fancy and expensive type of guppy fish on this one. Types of guppy fish is becoming very expensive because it is very rare and has a beautiful color schemes.

If the usual pattern of guppy fish have color spots, but the type of guppy fish this one plain style. The market, one guppy fish-tailed young pair champion purple with bandrol $80 price per fish.


2. Platinum Half Moon

Platinum Half Moon

The most expensive type of guppy fish and the prettiest guppy fish is platinum half moon. The pattern of color gradations on the type of guppy fish on this one is very beautiful indeed. As the name suggests, half moon platinum guppy fish guppies has color silver platinum from head to tail, and the middle is black silver. The tail fin type of guppy fish this one almost as much as the young pair champion guppy fish purple.


3. Silver Lace

Silver Lace


It is fascinating not see color schemes guppy fish silver lace. Guppy fish type color schemes this one it resemble abstract paintings are white. Guppy fish silver lace is extremely rare in the encounter. This is what makes this type of guppy fish on this one is very expensive and very lucky for anyone owner. Estimated price in the market for one of these fish is $35 per fish.


4. Dragon Big Ear

Dragon Big Ear

The most expensive type of guppy fish and the next is the prettiest guppy fish dragon big ear. Distinguishing types of guppy fish this one with other guppy guppy fish dragon is big ear has two parts of different body colors. In the head section to the middle of the silver colored body, while in the central part of the tail up to orange with a black pattern. As the name suggests, this type of guppy fish one has the form of a large tail envious.


5. Yellow Metal Lace

Metal Yellow Lace

For anyone who first saw this type of guppy fish this one must be very Marvel because of her beauty and wanted to keep them at home. Guppy fish metal yellow lace guppy fish is almost the same as silver lace, the difference is found in the color schemes. This type of guppy fish have yellow or yellow colors which is very beautiful, from head to the tip of the tail. Not wrong if the guppy fish this one contains the most expensive type of guppy fish and the prettiest.


6. Blue Grass

Blue Grass

Almost the same type of guppy fish lace guppy fish, kind of blue grass has a very beautiful color schemes. Typical types of guppy fish is on its tail. In the head section to the base of the tail is yellow, while the creature on the fins and tail are blue and combined with black spots. On the part of the tail end of this type of guppy fish is colored black. The issue price, this guppy fish is very expensive compared to other types.


7. Albino


Are familiar with the word not albino. Yes, albino genetic color abnormalities were experienced by animals and humans. An albino guppy is very rare and difficult to be found, and if they exist then this type of guppy fish price is very expensive and many are looking for it. The price of this type of guppy fish this one at a price of $40 for a single fish.