Imagine an animal that can reach up to 129 kilometers per hour. In addition, it can pass even the cheetah, one of the fastest animals in the world. It is the fastest fish in the world, the black marlin ( Istiompax indica ). In addition to this name, it can also be called sailfish, swordfish, or sailfish.

In general, the black marlin is found in the shallow waters of tropical oceans. In this way, it is possible to spot the fastest fish in the world on the edges of deepwater reefs in places like Panama, Costa Rica, and Australia.

In addition, the black marlin also draws much attention for its size and color. This is because this animal can reach 7 meters in length and has a body composed of green and blue scales. In addition, this specimen also reaches about 100 kilos.

Meet the black marlin, the fastest fish in the world

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

The body of the black marlin consists of a dorsal (upper) dark blue side, a silvery-white belly and faded blue vertical stripes on the sides. Thus, the first dorsal fin is blackish to dark blue, while the other fins are dark brown.

In the case of the fastest fish in the world being male, it can reach a length of 4.65 meters and 750 kg. However, the females are much larger. In addition, this species has a distinct, elongated, sword-shaped upper jaw.

The black marlin is also the only fish with non-retractable fins. Their diet is mainly made up of tuna and mackerel, which also make the list of the fastest fish in the world. The food chain reaches impressive speeds at times!

According to biologists, the “sword” at the tip of the black marlin\’s nose would be a kind of cooling and heating system. That\’s because that part of the body is made up of an enormous amount of blood vessels. In fact, it is very common for the candle to be the first part of the body to be seen when the fastest fish in the world appears on the surface.

Other fastest fish in the world

Flying fish

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

Despite the name flying fish, this term refers to a family of about 70 species of animals. Therefore, the fastest ones are those that have 4 fins that act as a kind of wings for breading. They can be found in subtropical waters of the Atlantic and Pacific and reach up to 56 kilometers per hour.

Mouse snout

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?


Also known as bonefish, this species can reach 64 kilometers per hour. As the name suggests, it has many bones in its meat, which makes it not used in food.

Blue shark

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

This is the fastest shark in the world, reaching 69 kilometers per hour. In addition, this species likes colder waters, so it even makes great migrations in search of the ideal temperature.

Bluefin Tuna

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

In general, this species is found on the eastern and western shores of the Atlantic Ocean and also in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, these small fat-filled fish can reach 70 kilometers per hour. As stated earlier, they constitute the feeding of the black marlin.

Mako shark

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

Another shark to the list of fastest fish in the world. It can reach up to 74 kilometers per hour but is threatened with extinction because of overfishing.

Striped Marlin

Fastest Fish in the World, What Is It?

The striped martin can reach 80 kilometers per hour. It is a fish very appreciated in sport fishing, is found in tropical and temperate regions of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.