How Long do Bearded Dragons Live?

How Long do Bearded Dragons Live

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons pets are normally very hardy and you will assume a bearded dragon consisting of the Pogona Vitticeps, the most common puppy lizard, to live for a median of five-eight years where you’re not genuinely paying a good deal attention to their fitness and just doing the basics – the equal may be said for the bearded dragon existence span inside the wild, even though this varies surprisingly. However if the above factors are taken into consideration then they can without problems stay beyond 10 years of age in captivity and that they have been known to regularly stay up to fourteen-16 years age with a couple of poorly documented instances even achieving 19 and 21 years antique but there weren’t any very credible assets to again up those two exceptions.

A ranking/ lawsons dragon being smaller, for example, will live for barely less but if stored in better situations will in reality out stay a larger dragon saved in neglectful surroundings. It’s very a lot the same for any animal or human, terrible care, and environment method and exponentially expanded risk of untimely death even when you have beneficial genetics.


So you can see that retaining reptiles is no quick term responsibility, treat them effectively and you could expect them to live longer than your dogs, cats, rabbits and so forth…

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